Are You A Yes Girl?

Sometimes, it's alright to say no. Especially if you're just saying yes because of peer pressure.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 31, 2014
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Do you find yourself getting pressured to do things you don't really want to do? You might be a yes girl. There's nothing wrong with wanting to try a lot of things, but it gets a little complicated when you get forced to do things you're not comfortable with. Take this quiz to find out if you're a yes girl and if it's time you learned how to say no.

It's your brother's turn to wash the dishes. He says he got injured during a basketball game at school (but really, he's just weaseling out of the household chore). What do you do?

You're already by the sink with your hands covered in suds even before he finishes his excuse.

You'll quiz him first on what kind of injury it is and if it's serious. If you think he's bluffing, you'll make sure he washes every single dirty dish in the sink!

You're not even listening. You've already plugged in your earphones and blasting your favorite playlist while walking to your room.

You've got a makeup quiz in the morning, but your barkada is hanging out at the mall after school.

Even if you've spent all week reviewing for the makeup quiz, you skip the barkada hang because you'd rather stay home and sleep. Who cares if you miss out?

You pretend the quiz does not exist. You'll deal with it in the morning. No way are you missing out on bestie time!

You think of a compromise. They'll help you study for your quiz and hang out at the coffee shop with you. Everyone wins!

You drop by your favorite yogurt place. Your favorite flavor has run out!

After asking once if they're sure your favorite flavor's all out, you try the next best thing. It only means you have a reason to come back!

You skip the yogurt altogether. What's the point, right?

You get whatever the dude at the cashier suggests. Who cares if you've never heard of the flavor?

Everyone's got the latest pair of limited edition sneakers in your class but you.

You strike a deal with your parents. If you ace your long tests, you get the shoes as incentive. If not, it's okay. You think to yourself, it's not the end of the world.

You really don't care much for trends and would rather wear your hole-y 10-year-old pair that's actually due for the trash. You can't be bothered to buy new ones!

You cry your eyes out and beg your parents to give you a pair. You will die if you go another day without a pair of those shoes—even if you don't particularly like them!

School elections are coming up and everyone is busy preparing.

You're actually the incumbent vice president so you're already in over your head with your presidential campaign. This is on top of all your current extra curricular activities. Do you even sleep still?

You didn't even vote in the last election. You probably don't even know who's running.

You're part of the student council, but have chosen to sit this one out. You're graduating next year and you want to concentrate on school work so that you're ready for college. You'll gladly help with your friend's campaign instead.

Your parents have enrolled you in a summer camp. Your first thought:

This isn't what I signed up for. My parents are the worst!!!

I'm excited for it. Kind of nervous, but I'm sure I'll have tons of fun!

I can't wait to document everything! Will pack all my video equipment, stock up on my Instax film, and make sure I've got space in my phone for all the selfies I'll be taking with my new friends at camp. Maybe I can be a counselor next year?

A guy asks you out, but you don't really know him.

I think I'll get to know him first then I'll decide if we should go out.

Yes, of course. What else is there to know? He's a guy!

Um, no.


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