Anti-Bullying Pact

Sign our pledge and be part of Candy's campaign against bullying.
  |  Mar 5, 2011
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I promise that I will not join the ranks of bullies.
I will not tease others, especially when I know it will hurt their feelings.
I will not mock others because of their physical appearance.
I will not humiliate others because of their family's financial background.
I will not ostracize others because of their performance in school.
I will not post something online that will make a person the object of ridicule.
I will not make others feel left out by shunning them from my group of friends.

I will respect my peers' opinions and choices.
I will remind myself that I am not superior to anyone.
I will be brave enough to defend those being bullied.
I will be aware that making fun of others may actually cause them pain.
I will resist the tendency to say something unkind.
I will only criticize to build up, not tear down.
I will reach out to those being left out.


As a Candy Girl, I know that I have to treat others as my equals. Thus, I make these promises today in an effort to stand up against bullies and to stand up for their victims.

Leave a comment with your name to sign this pact! Let's all say no to bullying!

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