Anatomy of a Barkada

by Shiloah Matic, Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 2, 2004
photo by Jake Verzosa * makeup by Lora Gahol
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Imagine your barkada as a body with each individual playing a special role. While birds of a feather are said to flock together, even the tightest of cliques isn’t made up of mono-colored members. From the largest global organization to the tightest awesome twosome, it’s not the members’ similarities that fortify a group but their different strengths. What role do you play in your barkada ? Read on for ways to really rock your body!

The leaders of the pack
You’re an alpha female–lover of the limelight and overall achiever. Timidity is unknown to you. With all that’s going for you, why shouldn’t you be confident? Your plans are made and always carried out–and you’ve got a great group of smart, strong, and willing (well, most of the time) gals to help you out.

It’s not that you’re bossy–you just have a strong sense of group pride. Your main mission is to uphold your group’s “It”-factor by organizing parties, trips, and other enviable endeavors. You like to motivate your girls to be their best because you know that the triumph of one is the triumph of all–and ultimately, that makes you, the unspoken head honcho, look oh-so-able. A natural trendsetter and opinion-maker, your friends look to you to take the first plunge into unfamiliar territory, like co-ed outings and candy-striped leggings. Whether a do or a don’t–your opinion matters!

Queen bees don’t like getting dethroned or challenged so you may not take criticism or a contrary opinion too well. It’s good to know what you want, but keep in mind that the good of the group shouldn’t be sacrificed for a quick ego fix. Don’t adapt a “my way or the highway” approach–you don’t want to find out how long and lonely that highway can be when you’re walking it alone.


Besides, the best leaders are those who produce leaders. Boost your friends’ confidence so they too can feel capable of taking on leadership roles within the group and in other areas too, like class, sports, or campus organizations. You’ll still have your moments of undeniable glory so don’t be stingy with the spotlight. When it’s someone else’s turn to shine, proudly clap the loudest.

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About the author
Shiloah Matic
Contributing Writer
About the author
Chinggay Labrador
Contributing Writer
Chinggay Labrador is a freelance writer for several publications in Manila and overseas. An architect by profession, she loves to travel, dabble in design, bake brownies, bike, surf, practice yoga, and contribute to her family's blog, She has released three novels, and her latest fictional short story will be published this month under Buqo Bookstore. She is currently working on a collaborative novel. Chinggay is also a yoga instructor teaching vinyasa yoga, foundations and restoratives. 
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