An Open Letter to the Year Ahead

by Arra Bayan   |  Jan 16, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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I cannot even begin to describe how much of a roller coaster ride the last year has been. There were numerous ups and downs, some wake up calls, and other things that I never expected would come my way. A lot of us dealt with heavy and quite impossible situations, but with it came surprises that filled us with unforgettable joy. We made a variety of memories—some good and some bad. A number of life lessons have also been acquired, along with hard-hitting realizations, most of which I learned from the rough patches I've encountered. Despite all of this, I managed to reach this point of my life—the mark of a new hope, a new beginning.

I've anticipated you not short of 365 days, and now that you're here, I'd say there is no better, more appropriate room for transformation. You've provided time to regain faith in ourselves, and the anticipation to welcome and face the possibilities ahead. There is absolutely no denying that you've prepared a number of surprises and challenges in store that only time will be able to penetrate. With your arrival, I only have promises to make for what tomorrow holds.


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This year, I vow for a journey filled with happiness and no less. I know you won't always be welcoming, but I also know that bad always compensates with good, and it's important that I keep my mind set on positivity. The problems you have yet for me to deal with will be rough, but I will learn to transform them into opportunities for change. If there's one lesson I've learned from the past years, it's that what we do now is what we make of our future, so I promise to take responsibility for my actions and their outcomes. Difficult times will trigger my emotions, but I will remain as hopeful as I am at this moment. It's hard to look for a light when the situation provides you with none, but I will challenge myself to be patient and resilient through it all.

The blank canvass you hold has given me the feeling of wanting to make things happen, so from here on out, I will take charge of my own destiny. This time, it won't be about attaining goals based on the constant changes society dictates on how to live life. I will not take aim from unsettling fears and let-downs. Instead, I will see the bigger picture masked by the exterior that is my anxiety. No longer will I let uncertainty be in control of how I design my future. With this clean slate, I am motivated to let go of my worries and bravely confront all that you have in store.

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I promise to be selfless, and be grateful for everything that I have now. For many years I have often fixated on myself—what I want to become and what I want to achieve. I barely even bothered to cater to those around me, and I'm not just talking about those who are less fortunate. I've forgotten to give back to my family, my friends, and everyone else who has taken this path along with me. This year, I will find that balance between caring for myself and caring for others. If we just stop and look around, we will realize that the life we have now will not be possible if not for the existence of those who surround us. We owe it to ourselves to give back for us to be reminded of what we already have. It may sound cliché, but often times, we need to recall everything we've achieved to be appreciative of where we are now.


Lastly, I will not put you to waste. You are new—still fresh and full of hope. Time will pass and you will be forgotten and taken for granted. The excitement will die down soon enough, and that would be my signal to bring back the spark. I will look at each day as I did today, with much anticipation to travel down a new road. As the popular saying goes, I will "live in the moment"—cherish the now and look forward to tomorrow.

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I know there will be times when I will fall short on these words, but with plenty of days ahead, I'm certain that you will be your natural forgiving self and allow me to stand back up to continue on. With so many promises made, I know that in the coming days, you will provide room for me to grow, and I really am excited to conquer the hurdles you've laid out for me.


I'm looking forward to all the surprises, 2016. I know we'll get along just fine.

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