An Open Letter to the Girl Who Thinks Her Dreams are Impossible

Don't let dreams stay dreams.
by Danielle Bernabe   |  Jan 2, 2016
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Before anything, let me ask you a question. Who has been telling you that your dreams are impossible? Is it your parents? Is it your friends? The world? More importantly, is it just yourself? I know it's hard to have all these voices in your head telling you that you can't do it. These voices try to bury you so deep that you don't even realize you're already digging your own grave with them. They tell you that you're not pretty enough. They scream in your head that you’re not smart enough. They repeat over and over again that you’re not fast enough. They whisper quietly but powerfully that you will never be adequate enough to achieve what you dream of. I am telling you now that these are just voices. Voices have no power over you unless you choose to listen to them. No matter who they come from, it is your choice to listen to them and to let it affect you.


Who cares if you're barely 5 feet? You can be a model. Who cares if your parents don't support your dream of being an artist? Save up your allowance and continue pursuing your passion. Who cares if everyone else thinks you can't achieve it? You can as long as you want to. There are very few things that you are given a choice in. I beg of you to choose your dreams for yourself. Which is why I also ask you to be careful about dreaming big.

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Yes, you should always try going after your dreams, even those that seem impossible but please be careful about the things you dream of. Don't be reckless with your dreams. Being able to dream is a gift, you must use wisely. If you are going to go after your dream, make sure that it’s truly your heart's desire and you both have the passion and the talent for it. If your heart is not 100% in it, don't go after it. It's not worth your time. If you've been chasing your impossible dreams for a while now and it's no longer making you happy, stop. It just means that you're meant to chase other dreams that are better suited for you. Anything can happen but we can't rely on anything magical to make our dreams come true. The world we live in has no magical wands.


We must realize that our dreams should still be grounded in reality. The people who make the biggest difference in the world aren't the ones who purely live in their dreams. They are where they are today because they turned their own little impossible dreams into a reality. They not only dream but they also do.  Dreams don't come true in an instant. They take hard work and determination. It's an everyday conscious decision to work for your dreams to come true. I wish I could say this kind of journey is going to be easy but life doesn't work that way. Life is hard, life isn't fair. The world does not revolve around you and it will do everything in its power to stop you from succeeding.

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If you truly want it then you must be able endure all the pain that comes along with achieving that dream. When you have given your best for as long as possible and only you can truly know this but the world seem to be telling you it's not going to work out, that's when you stop. Please remember that it's okay to walk away from your dreams too. You are not giving up if you do so as long as you have given it your all. You are acknowledging the fact that this dream is not for you. How can you tell if the dream is for you? That is entirely up to you. I cannot tell you when enough is enough. It will be your decision and you will have to live with that choice for the rest of your life. So please be wise and cautious in making these kinds of decisions.


If your dreams don't come true, then make sure that you at least tried your hardest to make them a reality. Regret is the worst thing a person can feel. "What if?" is one of the most painful questions that can run like crazy in your head. Don't let that happen to you. You are young and beautiful. Don’t wait until it’s too late to chase your dreams. You are capable of almost anything as long as you set your mind and heart to it. I may be a complete stranger to tell you this but believe me when I say that you are capable of achieving your dreams. You are worthy enough of your dreams. I may be a complete stranger to you but I believe in you. Hold on to that. Hold on to the fact that there will always be at least one person who believes that you can do it. Your dreams may not be in your reach yet but it will be up to you to build the ladder to reach them. So get out of your bed and start working, that ladder is not going to build itself. 


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