An Open Letter: To The Girl Who's Pretending To Be Someone Else

by Chloe Ramirez   |  Aug 26, 2015
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Do you know how special you are? How unique? How indescribably beautiful?

Do you know how great it is to be the wonderful person that is yourself?

Whether you believe this or you're skeptical, its the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Indeed it is a wonderful feeling to be looked up to and idolized. Even though you've got so much on your plate, you still manage to do everything. You are the strong and independent woman everyone told you to be. But you hold back when you think you might make a mistake and stain the image you so meticulously strived to build. You don't do what you want; you do what's expected of you.

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There are elements in society that trap you in a box containing nothing but what-ifs, insecurities, and materialism. To the insecure, the weak, or even the confused, it is a safehaven, a way out. It is a door to becoming someone you are not and to be able to hide in someone else's shadow, to be judged by someone else's persona and not your own.


Stop. You are slowly killing yourself.

Don't simply conform to what society, life, or your crush wants you to be. You are smart. Take courage and accept the challenge of staying true to you. There is definitely no reason for you to be someone else. Being someone you are not will give you no satisfaction, no joy. If you think mimicking another person gives you a whole new identity, you''re wrong. Instead, you're losing yourself and you will fade. Fake things always fade.

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Okay, so you argue that you're trying to be someone else so that people will like you and understand you. Well you are just hurting them. Denying them of knowing and discovering the real you is a painful realization once the truth comes out. You say they like you, but in reality, they like the person you're not. Don't do that to them. Don't do that to yourself.

Love you for you.

Nobody can be you better than yourself. Remember, everyone else is already taken. Live by your rules, your values, and beliefs. Don't let anyone force you to do something against your principles. Those little rules you set for yourself? Follow them and you will gain the respect you deserve.

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Both the good and the horrid experiences you face will change and mold you. How you use that knowledge is up to you. Let those experiences make you stronger and not diminish you.

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Believe what you want to believe and have faith in yourself and in what you can do. Follow your heart and your wit and speak up when you want to. Do your thing. Shine. But make sure you shine for yourself.

You'd be surprised. You'll feel absolutely happier. Why? Because you're finally you.

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I am a Candy Girl because I am confident in my own skin, and I am not afraid to be myself.  I am passionate and hard-working in whatever I choose to do. I make sure to look at the brighter side of things.
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