An Open Letter to the Future Leaders of Our Generation

Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.
by Kat Estrella   |  Aug 19, 2016
Image: Clare Magno
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"Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan," National Hero José Rizal proclaimed. We, the youth underestimate the depth and meaning of this line. This not just a line for us to quote when we write our essays, papers, and other homework. We have shoes to fill for our country to progress.

They call us the millennial generation. The generation whose world revolves around social media and the hyper-reality. I am not discrediting the great things social media has done for our country and the rest of the world, but how sad is it to know that most millennials are more invested in a screen than in his or her own country? What do you even truly know about what's happening here in the Philippines? Do you at least keep yourself updated with current events?

I think it's time to whip ourselves into shape: Indulge in educational discussions that will definitely open our eyes to the real state of our nation. Read, watch, listen, and know.


When we are informed, it becomes easier to organize and mobilize ourselves. It's never too early to do something.

Our country has been stuck in a cycle because of the belief that we need to elect a "good" person, and this good person is often based on his or her promising tag lines and messages during the campaign period. What we don't realize is that electing a good person is not enough. Good intentions of a person will go to waste if he or she is battling with a system that is already flawed. We need leaders who are not only good people, but are also leaders that are bold and fearless. A leader that is brave enough to address the concerns of the masses and the marginalized. One who does not conform to what people from highly known places say, one that does not let the system eat him or her. We need a leader who can change the game and fracture the system.

I think the challenge for our generation is to be the person our country needs.

We must be leaders not only for those who are already heard, but for the majority who remain unheard. We should never forget that there is strength in numbers, and the true power is with the people, and not with those with a position. True leadership is serving the people. I know all these sound heavy for someone like you and me, who are merely children. But for us to at least realize this responsibility and capability to turn things around for our country is already a big step to begin with. If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

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Dear future leader, I believe in what you can do. The choice is now in your hands.

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