An Open Letter to My Friends Who I Don't Have Time for Anymore

"We are long past the days when we would see each other face to face every day but the bond we share remains tight."
by Aprille Roselle Vince R. Juanillo   |  Aug 19, 2017
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These days, it's rare to have enough time for anything—school, family, friends, and even love. It's actually sad that we are supposedly interconnected now, more than ever, through social media yet are so detached in real life. Because of this, a gap in some of our relationships is uncontrollable.

Some relationships do not withstand the test of time and become remnants of a passing phase. Which is why, in an age of constant change and fleeting moments, there is nothing more invaluable than finding constants who chose and continue to remain in your life no matter the odds.

To the ones who chose to stay, thank you.                 

We are long past the days when we would see each other face to face every day but the bond we share remains tight.

We no longer find the need to chat or text each other every day, but we became true to the statement "one call or text away" whenever someone needed the other. We stopped being lunch mates but always found time to dine out. We don't do almost everything together anymore, but we always maximize the time we spend together. These signify that our friendship has truly matured through time.


We are now wise enough to understand that growing up is coupled with the inevitability of separation yet it doesn't necessarily have to mean growing apart.

We support each other by respecting the time we spend separately for our personal growth. We have come to a broader and deeper understanding of a world bigger than us and our friendship but never letting it consume us.

For these, thank you.

For picking up after the first ring, thank you. For rushing to my side after reading my "I need you," thank you. For embracing me tightly when we would unexpectedly bump into each other, thank you. For worrying when you hear the crack in my voice and my sniff over the phone, thank you. For comforting me by understanding me like no other, thank you. For rescuing me whether in my fashion dilemma or homework crisis, thank you. For supporting me and what allows me to reach the ultimatum of happiness, thank you.  For unceasingly loving me, thank you.

Despite all the shortfalls I have as a friend, you never fail to remain true to the promise of our undying friendship. You are still the ones I would love to be present at my family gatherings. You are still the ones I would gladly spend the lazy day with. You are still my most favorite people in the world. You are my home team.

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To my low maintenance friends, you are like the wind. I may not always see you but I always feel you, and I know you are always there.

Were you able to relate to this on a spiritual level, too?

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