An Open Letter to All My Haters

As Miranda Sings says, "Haters back off."
by Nicole Chiang   |  May 15, 2016
ART Michelle Wu
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Ah, the power of social media. This is where I believe most of you haters are lurking. You're just there, hiding behind your computers or maybe even hiding behind some fake account. You send hate messages with all those grammatical errors. It makes you feel powerful, and most of the time, it makes me feel powerless. Can you believe that? Sometimes, you even go for the old-school way—gossip. You spread rumors behind my back, and this makes my heart beat a little faster than usual. I'm scared of you. My reputation is in your hands.I can act nonchalant and pretend all those rumors aren't eating me up inside, or maybe I can try to defend myself. The latter, I'm sure, makes me come off as someone who's guilty about the matter. Defensive. For whatever it may be, this is a message to all you haters:

I have a simple question for you: Why? We are always left wondering how we wronged you in the past. We've come up with so many theories and possible scenarios. Have I said something that offended you?Do I even know you? Better yet... Do you even know me?


To be honest, you really did affect me. Congratulations. My confidence came crashing down, and my insecurities came back with a vengeance. People will tell me that those haters are just jealous. They're the ones who are insecure.

But that's the magic you seem to possess. Your words keep ringing over and over until it consumes us. We try to change our ways to please whatever dissatisfactions you may have. It sucks. And you probably know it.

I don't want to assume, because chances are, I don't really know you very well, or perhaps I don't even know you. Period. But I'd like to think that your end-goal here is to make me feel weak. You want to hurt me and bring me down with your words—and you did. No one likes hearing negative things about themselves, most especially for people who are used to being on top of their game. In fact, it's probably pride that allows the haters to wound us so badly. The brighter your light, the more painful those hate comments will be. You're so used to your ego being fed it never crosses your mind that you won't be able to please everybody. The haters will always be there, ready to attack. They bide their time and wait until you're at the point where you actually feel good about yourself. Then they strike.

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The way I dress doesn't hurt you. How I want to do my hair doesn’t kill anybody. I do the things I love to do because they make me feel happy and good about myself. As the saying goes, "You know my name but not my story." As long as I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, you shouldn't take it against me. Because of this, I've come to the conclusion that either you are just sorely jealous or you have nothing better to do with your life. If it's the first one, then there's no reason for me to feel awful about myself, because in reality, you're the one who feels awful. If it's the second one, well, as Miranda Sings proudly sneers, "Haters back off." Honestly, if you're having a bad day because of all those haters, I recommend watching Miranda Sings' videos on YouTube. It'll make your day better; I promise.


Lastly, I just want to say that I will move on. I was affected; I was hurt; I was insecure. It doesn't matter because I will get over it. I'll find myself, and I'll come out of this battle stronger, surer and better than ever. I won’t give you the attention you seek. I won't reply to the messages you send. If you know my weak points, I know yours. The two best defense mechanisms against haters are to ignore them and to carry on with life. You should know which opinions should matter in your life, and it's definitely not theirs.

Game over, haters. You lose.

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