All About Table Etiquette

Let Jennie teach you table manners the Candy way!
  |  Mar 20, 2007
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Make your (and everybody else's) dining experience pleasant by practicing simple dining etiquette.

You've seen her (or him) before—at your favorite restaurant, at a dinner, at a social lunch with friends. The one with the loud voice, even louder laugh, and atrocious table manners.

Spare the dining public the horror you've unfortunately set eyes on, and avoid being this person by exercising dining dos and and steering clear of classic dining don'ts.

DON'T wave your utensils around while trying to emphasize a point. You might hurt somebody or food might fly off if you wave them around.

DO set your utensils down if you have to describe something with your hands.

.~'* GRAB THE MAG! *'~.

For the rest of the dos and don'ts of dining, flip to page 52 of your March 2007 issue of Candy with Candy Rap Awards winners Victor Basa and Kelly Misa on the cover.

For back issues, call Loel/Vivian at Filbar's, Inc. 4162459/4139688/7262784

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