A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Because you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's!
by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Feb 13, 2016
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Everyone's familiar with Valentine's Day. In fact, it's one of the very first holidays we got to know when we were kids. Back then, it wasn't much of a big deal, it was just another holiday where you come home and find a pile of chocolates on your dinner table. But let's fast forward to the present. It's 2016, you're single, and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Amidst the throng of couples, chocolates, roses, and dinner dates, where do you fit in all of this? Now, before you pick up that chick-flick, sit down on your coach, eat ice cream and mope around because you don't have a special someone to spend Valentine's Day with, here's a thought: Who said a day of love meant you needed someone to share it with? In fact, why don't you celebrate it by yourself?

There's an endless list of things you can enjoy doing but we've picked the top five things you should do, not just to survive, but to thrive on Valentine's Day, with or without a partner.

  1. Pamper yourself.

    We're often so caught up dealing with our busy lives that we forget to take care of ourselves. On this special day, show some love to yourself. Take a break, turn off your phone, go to that spa you've been eyeing recently, and get that massage you know you truly deserve. Or, have a makeover. Go do whatever suits your fancy. Besides, it isn't everyday you get a chance to cool down and enjoy by yourself.

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  2. Make a list of people you'd like to thank and go through with it.

    Simple gestures like saying "thank you," go a long way, especially when brightening someone's day. One way to show how much you care for another person is through the little and seemingly inconspicuous things that we do for them. It's Valentine's Day, spread some love.

  3. Take yourself out on a date.

    Food, the constant bae in your life! Let today be the day you will finally learn how to cook that recipe you've been craving for, or if you're not much for the DIY cooking, go out and take yourself on a food trip date.

  4. Fall in love with something new.

    Try out a new hobby or go someplace new. You don't have to wait for someone else to take you out to new places, you can go on an adventure on your own.

  5. Have a girls' night out or in.

    Or better yet, gather your girl friends and spend the day with each other. There's nothing better than having friends around, you know your day won't be wasted.

Don't fret, my friend. Valentine's Day wasn't created just for couples. Don't mope around just because you're alone. There are great things you can get from the experience of discovering the world by yourself. So on Valentine's Day, don't feel intimidated because of all the couples in restaurants, malls, or wherever, you've got as much reason to celebrate it even if you're single. 

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