A Shy Girl's Guide to Speaking In Front of a Crowd

We help you muster up the guts to speak in front of people.
by Daryn Agapay   |  Oct 21, 2015
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Yes, we get it, it's Halloween this month and there's horror-themed everything all over the place. But sometimes nothing can send chills down your spine year-round quite like being centerstage, in the spotlight, holding a microphone in front of a crowd. A silent, staring, expecting crowd. Did just reading that sentence make your heart beat a little faster than it should? Don't worry, everyone has experienced a little fear of public speaking at some point in their lives, but face it, you can't really avoid public speaking forever. Here are a few tips to help you out when the next dreaded public speaking adventure comes along.

 1  Harness the power of a good presentation.

The best part of public speaking is to have the opportunity to present a rocking presentation along with your explanation (like slides on your PowerPoint or a video). Not only will it aid you and your audience when it comes to knowing your topic, but it will also divert some attention away from you, therefore helping you feel more confident on stage which brings us to the next number.


 2  Capturing the power of self-confidence.

Have you ever heard the common phrase "confidence is sexy?'' It's actually true–and not in the physical sense of the word. There's a certain psychology as to how the audience depicts a confident speaker, and getting that confidence early on is crucial in the real world. Especially when it comes to introducing yourself to new people (like that cute guy you've been eyeing forever) and acing that dreaded job interview years from now. So stand up straight and keep your head up high gorgeous!

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 3  Plan ahead and prepare, prepare, prepare.

Did we mention prepare? Like an outfit before a first date, everything should be planned out way ahead for it to be executed perfectly and beautifully. Yup, this includes making notes for your presentation so you don't ramble. Besides, the whole idea of public speaking is to make a great speech presentation, not just to be confident and look good. So plan ahead and prepare, prepare, prepare!


 4  Dress accordingly.

We believe that this is a no-brainer. You can't do a public speaking or a presentation in front of a crowd in a shirt and flip-flops can you? All kidding aside, like every occasion in your life, you have to dress for it–and we mean dressing appropriately. There's always some kind of magic going on when your outfit for a presentation is so on point that it adds to your self-confidence. Some key outfit pieces for a formal presentation is a structured blazer or a nice crisp blouse. 

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 5  Start strong and finish strong.


We're not just going to give you tips as to how you're going to handle your stage fright during public speaking. Our last tip is the summary of all the tips we've gone through for giving a killer speech or presentation. Think of it like a vocal essay–make your awesome personality shine through. Start with a great introduction to get your audience hooked, keep the body quick, clear, and concise, and finally, end the presentation with a summary of everything to get your point across. Keep all these tips in your head throughout that dreaded time you have to speak in front of a crowd and you'll be okay.


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