A Girl's Guide to High School

Will the best years of your life be in high school? Make them memorable for the right reasons. Get set for a foolproof stay with Candy's ultimate checklist!
by Jillian Gatcheco   |  Oct 16, 2011
photo by Dakila Angeles
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Year 1: Fit In As A Freshman

  • Start with a smile. Always have a cheerful "hello" ready for meeting old and new friends. Remember: Nobody likes a snob. Initiate a conversation by asking where a classmate attended grade school. If it's an old pal, talk about your summer adventures!
  • Volunteer. Don't avoid new responsibilities. If the teacher asks for a class beadle, raise your hand. The perk? You'll be the first to get to know everybody! The same is true for joining clubs. Don't hesitate to try out few in your first year to find out where you're most comfortable. There may be try-outs for some, but treat them as challenges! If you don't get in, that's all right—at least you gave it a shot.
  • Don't procrastinate. Freshman year is your training ground for tougher things to come. If you don’t start off right, you’ll be in big trouble by senior year. Finish your homework on time, do advanced reading, and take down notes. Who knows? You might even make it to the Honor Roll!
  • Watch out for: The wrong crowd. Be wary of friends who like partying more than studying. You're thinking, "I'm old enough to do whatever I want." You'll have the rest of your life to be "old enough"; this is not the time. Listen to your parents (even if they seem unreasonable), because not being allowed to go out once in a while is better than getting excessively involved in things you can’t get out of in the future.

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