A Brush With Fame

Those contests you hear about on TV never seem real—until you win them.
by Regina Belmonte   |  Aug 11, 2008
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It happened to me once before, when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first premiered. I texted the number on the screen and miraculously won two tickets to see the advanced screening of the film based on my then-favorite book. I thought that was the extent of my luck.

So, imagine my surprise when just a few weeks ago, I got a call on my cell phone from Singapore, all the way across the South China Sea. (I could tell because their numbers start with +65.) "Who could be calling me from Singapore?" I wondered to myself right before I picked up. "Congratulations! You won the Vote and Win contest for the MTV Asia Awards!"

The what? I didn't even know what the girl on the other end was talking about. "I need you to e-mail me your passport details, and your friend's passport details also so we can arrange your tickets to Malaysia." And then it hit me. I actually won a trip to Malaysia. But how? I racked my brain trying to remember when I'd participated in an MTV contest. Then I realized that earlier in the month, I registered on their website and voted for Sandwich twice. Just twice. And apparently, one of those two votes won me the ticket to the MTV Asia Awards!

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The next two weeks were a flurry of panicked preparations. I'd never traveled alone in my life, and my parents were freaking out. I didn't know what clothes to pack, so I was freaking out. (Priorities, girls!) Eventually, the calendar wound down to our day of departure, and decked out in our airport best, my friend Carla and I boarded our Malaysian Airlines flight straight for Kuala Lumpur.

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