9 Ways You Can Actually Like Mondays

by Daryn Agapay   |  Sep 28, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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Ah Mondays, basically the universally hated day every week when you begrudgingly drag yourself out of bed and try to look nice when you'd really just rather hit the snooze button and head back to sleep. We've all been there. Who doesn't want to relish a little vacation time, right? Oftentimes Monday marks a stark reality when your chill days are over and you have to head back to you less-loved weekly routine, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are 9 ideas to make you despise Mondays a little less!

 1  Find something to be excited about.

Reward yourself with a salon appointment scheduled on a Monday when there are surely not that many customers crowding the place. You can get your mini pamper session with no waiting time! It's a win-win situation right there.

 2  Do something unexpected.

Get a headstart with your Monday by giving back. Do something that you wouldn't normally do on a daily basis. Try giving some spare change to that beggar you see on the street or feeding a little stray dog. A little random act of kindness goes a long way!

 3  Prepare a really cute outfit.

Nothing would make us more excited for Monday than a really nice outfit carefully planned the night before. So get creative with your outfits and make an effort to make yourself super cute from head-to-toe.

 4  Plan a lunch date.

Chasing deadlines and getting busy with paper work robs us of precious time with the people who matter most. Change up your Monday by having lunch with friends, your family, or that cute guy you like.

 5  Try a new makeup trick.


Nothing gives us an extra dose of confidence like feeling extra gorgeous inside and out. Keep your Monday from being drab by experimenting with a new makeup routine!

 6  Eat a good breakfast.

Admit it, most of us skip the most important meal of the day in favor of avoiding the daily traffic, but that's just a total no-go. Plan a really good breakfast the night before and start your day right with a healthy and delicious balanced meal.

 7  Delight in positive thoughts.

Believe it or not, hating on Monday will only make you hate the rest of the week preceding all those precious Saturdays and Sundays. "Ugh, Monday AGAIN," sounds familiar? Then maybe you should change your attitude to jumpstart your fabulous week ahead!

 8  Sleep earlier.

One of the major culprits for hating Mondays is not getting a decent amount of sleep the night before. So get your beauty sleep as much as you can during the weekend because racoon eyes are never in! Not to mention how lack of sleep will heavily affect your performance the following day.

 9  Set weekly goals.

Nothing better to look forward to than setting little goals for yourself during the week then slowly accomplishing them as the days progress. Set up a few self-improvement goals for yourself and you'll notice yourself being excited for all the weekly missions and accomplishments! You'll love it.

How do you start your week right? Share your tips with other Candy Girls here!

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