9 Things Vegetarians are Tired of Hearing

by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 14, 2017
Image: Lea Michele | instagram.com/leamichele
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Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food. Some like pineapples on pizza, some like devouring exotic food, while some prefer to be vegetarians and not eat meat. Vegetarians have no problems following a meat-free diet, but the people around them seem to have a lot of questions. Below are the things we know vegetarians are tired of hearing.

  1. "What are you going to eat?"

A lot of meat-free food, how about you? 

  1. "Isn't it hard being a vegetarian? I could never do that!"

Not really. Actually, anyone can be a vegetarian if they want to. No one's pressuring you, though.

  1. "Are you trying to lose weight?"

Being a vegetarian doesn't immediately mean being on a diet or wanting to lose weight. And FYI, vegans and vegetarians are different! So nope, I didn't gave up my dairy.

  1. "Do you only eat salad?"

If you see eggs, pizza, doughnut, and cookies as salad. Then, yes.

  1. "Don't you miss eating meat?"

Missing meat is like missing an old friend you haven't talked to for years. It's a nostalgic feeling but I have moved on.

  1. "I was a vegetarian before, I didn't eat meat for three days."

Not eating meat for three days (or so) doesn't make you a vegetarian if you don't fully commit.

  1. "Can I eat meat in front of you?"

Why can't you, though? Eating meat in front of us is not disrespectful. It won't make us crave. Or punch you in the face. LOL!

  1. "You're saving animals, but you're killing plants."

Vegetarians are vegetarians for a lot of reasons. And killing plants is not part of it.

  1. "So you only eat what rabbits eat?"

Is there anything wrong with that?

Do you have anything to add to this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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