9 Things Only UP Students Experience During Enrollment

by Alyssa Jose   |  Aug 9, 2016
Image: UPLB Perspective
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The University of the Philippines is not called the "University of Pila" for nothing. The stories you heardyes, no matter how absurd or unbelievable, were not fiction. The endless Hunger Games references you kept on hearing from your friends? Well, let's just say that they were actually drawn from real life events. And since it's enrollment season again in the state university, let us introduce you to the infamous UP enrollment. 

  1. The combat for slots starts online.

The online registration system can be a saint and grant you your dream classes, or it can blindside you and leave you with zero units. No one has really figured out how to rub it the right way but UP Diliman students still never forget to tweet "I <3 crs="" you="" know="" just="" in="" case="" it="" is="" listening="" p="">

  1. You will start thinking that computerized enlistment system hates you.

Unfortunately, sometimes your grand declarations of love and all of your silent prayers are completely ignored. When you get zero units after two batch runs, it's just normal to think that the gods of online enlistment are holding a grudge against you.

  1. You bring an enrollment survival kit.

A bona fide UP student knows just what to bring to war. A typical enrollment survival kit includes: snacks to keep hunger pangs at bay, a book or two to prevent boring yourself to death, and a fan because the corridors can never promise comfort. A strong heart is a must-have, too, because you can't be disheartened no matter how difficult it gets.

  1. The four-word horror story: "Wala na pong slots."


This is news you'd never want to break to UP students. Especially to exhausted and famished Iskos and Iskas who have been waiting in line even before the sun came up. Just… don't do this.

  1. Watch as your dream sched slips off of your fingers.

Do you have your eyes on that math class in the morning? Guess what? You probably won't get it because there are six hundred other students who want it as bad as you do. UP students hate it when this happens but they take the "unwanted" classes anyway because units are units and it will always be better than nothing.

  1. Friends who line up with you are the real MVPs.

Think UP enrollment couldn't get any worse? Just imagine enduring incredibly long waits without friends to keep you company. UP students thank the heavens for the people who keep them sane when enrollment makes them want to lose their bearings.

  1. Getting a class is winning the lotteryliterally.

In a desperate need for classes, we even try our luck in the "slots sweepstakes" organized by different departments. You should know by now that in UP enrollment, luck is the name of the game and everyone's just praying that they don't run out of it.

  1. The euphoria when you finally get your form 5.

UP students hear angels sing when they are finally handed the holy grail of UP enrollmentthe Form 5. Your frantic search for classes has finally come to a close; you did good, Iskolar ng Bayan. Every bead of sweat becomes worth it when you know that you are finally enrolled!

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  1. The extreme anxiety everytime enrollment draws near.

The high of surviving enrollment doesn’t last forever though. Just the thought of going through everything again next semester gives UP students major heebiejeebies.

A lot of people say that UP won't be complete without the hassle enrollment—even our parents have their own epic enrollment stories. It serves as a rite of passage wherein every Iskolar ng Bayan is expected to come through. It tests one's will, patience, and tenacity. It pushes everyone to the limit. It sure teaches us a lot of things. But no matter how important it is to UP culture, we must never take pride in all the bad. We must see to it that it gets better for everyone else; because at the end of the day, UP stands for more than just "University of Pila."

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