9 Things Only the Panganays Can Relate To

You get the blame for everything!
by Mara Agner   |  Aug 24, 2017
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  1. You are responsible for your siblings.

Being the eldest is synonymous to being a second parent—you have to look out for them, be there for them, and many other things. 

  1. You have authority over your younger siblings.

One of the perks of being the eldest is having the unofficial right to boss your siblings around. From getting to decide which show to watch on TV to asking them to do your chores.

  1. You are expected to give way. Always.

Never mind if you called first dibs on something. When your younger sib sees it and wants what's yours, abandon all hope and give way. That's what the panganay is forced supposed to do.

  1. You are the leader of all things kalokohan.

Pesky as they are, younger sibs come in handy, too, especially when it comes to doing silly things around the house. Because they look up to you, they'd be 100% agreeable with your crazy ideas.

  1. You're expected to be the role model.

Aside from being responsible for your younger siblings, there's also that pressure to do well in everything—acads, chores, talents, and more—because either way, your siblings will follow suit.

  1. You get the blame for everything.

Whatever it is your siblings do or do not do, you're answerable to your mother. The big blue stain on the couch that no one owned up to? Your fault. The trash your mom specifically told your younger bro to take out? Your fault. Your sister not yet home at midnight? Your fault. Why? Because you're the eldest and you should know better.

  1. Your siblings always wanted to hang with you even if you didn't want to.

When you hit puberty, you were all about crushes, boy bands, and fangirling, which none of your younger siblings understood yet. In their eyes, you were still their same old leader of the pack who wanted to do the same things they did. To you, they were being annoying. *rolls eyes*

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  1. Everything you wanted, they got at a much younger age.

When you were younger, wishing for a phone for your birthday seemed like a stretch if you didn't work hard for it—get good grades, behave well, or do the chores. That deal was apparently made for you alone as your siblings—terrible grades, lazy at home—got theirs at a much younger age than when you got yours.

  1. You know that whatever the bunso wants, you have to follow.

Forget about eating at Instagrammable cafes. The family's bunso wants to eat at a fast food with a play pen and so the whole family is obliged to do so.

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