9 Reasons that Prove Having Internet Friends is the Best

Your connection is undeniable.
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 15, 2016
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Many years ago, having an online friend meant you were either a loser who had zero friends IRL or clueless to be sharing personal stuff with a stranger. Flash forward to this day and "internet friends" has gotten a new ring to it—and we have a list below to prove that there are many perks of having an IBF.

  1. You can talk about your fandom all you want without being judged.

If you're internet friends, you probably became friends because of a fandom or shared interests and passions. The good thing about having someone who completely gets how intense fangirling can get is you can let your geek flag fly without being called obsessed or weird. And you'll always have someone to send random links of memes, funny pics, or fan theories 24/7.

  1. You don't have to look decent to talk with your friends.

The beauty of internet friendship is that you don't always have to be IG-ready to talk or "hangout." You can be in last night's pajamas while enjoy a conversation with your friend at two in the afternoon.

  1. You don't have to work your way around your busy schedules to meet up and talk.

Ironically, deciding on a venue, time, or day for a meet-up can bring about unneccessary issues among real-life friends, like "why does the meeting place always have to be near you?" or "why aren't you always available on weekends?." With Internet friends, all you have to do is send a message and talk, plain and simple.

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  1. Your fights are not as dramatic as in real life

Fights with real-life friends get a lot more intense since you either go to school with them, live near them, or eventually meet them. Meanwhile, with internet friendship, the most that could happen is get ignored by your friend while she's online. After you give each other space, it's back to chatting incessantly and sending the most random stuff.

  1. Saying sorry is a lot easier with internet friends.

While it's easy to gauge whether an apology is heartfelt and sincere when done in real life, there are also perks of having to say sorry to an internet friend. Saying what you really feel is easier to and there are no awkward silences, too.


  1. It's easier to say what you ~*really*~ ought to do via chat.

Imagine telling your friend in the middle of a serious conversation, "I'll be right back. I just really need to poop so bad."

  1. You can be anywhere in the world and yet your friendship will remain the same.

Whether you move to a different city or study abroad for a year, nothing will change in your friendship—the distance won't be a factor since you built the friendship knowing that you're far apart, so the closeness will remain.

  1. You can be totally honest with them. Like really honest.

Since they don't really know the person in question, you can talk to your internet friends about other people in your life with no restrictions and without fear of them accidentally spilling the beans. And what's nice about it is that they're all ears on your rants and will throw in some sound advice, too! #bestsupportgroup

  1. You won't feel guilty about not really wanting to meet up for dinner.

There are days when you just feel that Justin Bieber's songs are made especially for specific scenarios in your life, like when your friend asks you to meet up for dinner and "you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no." And you eventually end up cancelling, to which you feel so guilty about. Good thing dinner with internet friends is super low key: just video chatting whilst eating.

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