9 Celebs to Inspire You to Workout This Holiday Season

by Erin Torrejon   |  Dec 17, 2015
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With the holiday festivities upon is, it's hard to stick to a routine, get enough sleep, and finish all the errands in time for the big events, let alone find the time to actually keep with fitness goals. And since we know just how real the struggle is to resist eating all the yummy treats at all the gatherings, as well as waking up early to get in a workout, we wanted to help you with a little motivation the best way we know how–with some of your favorite celebs, of course, breaking a sweat and putting in that much-needed endorphin-enducing sweat session. So when you're stuck in bed thinking about whether you should grab a huge bag of potato chips or get on your mat for some crunches, we suggest you scroll down to get motivated and inspired! 

 1  Demi makes pull-ups look like a breeze! 

 2  Why don't you take your besties along to make it more fun? Selena surely did! 


 3  You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, just like Karlie. Just get in the zone and you're good to go! 

 4  Let your gym clothes inspire you to get out of bed! Put in the work and share your chic workout look with all your friends just like Coleen.

watch now

 5  Yassi is a big fan of boxing and we can tell that she has fun with it! Try a class and let us know what you think. 

 6  Gigi is another boxing fan and if this video didn't pump you up to give it a try, the rest of her photos on her feed (abs included) might just do the trick.


 7  Bored with your usual workout? Take your cue from Sarah and check out the nearest aerial yoga studio, you might just enjoy it.

 8  Shay is also a huge boxing fan and we love how she chooses to glam up her workout look! 

 9  Kill two birds with one stone this season by going on a hike to see a new place with your friends and family just like Kim.


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