8 Tips Before Taking the College Entrance Tests

Ready, set, study!
by Reins Mikalyn Melitante   |  May 30, 2017
Image: Reins Mikalyn Melitante
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What's up, senior high students? Are you ready to tackle the challenges of a new campus life? Whether your answer to that is a faint no or a resounding yes, we know one thing's for sure: everyone wants to be part of a good university. But before the journey to it, know that getting won't be as easy as ABC, which is why it is a must to be prepared. Here are some tips before taking the college entrance exams.

  1. Review centers and tutors

If you're having a hard time recalling past lessons, consider enrolling in a review center or hiring a tutor; they can surely help you gain the knowledge you'll need before taking the exams.

  1. Summer time =free time = study time

Summer is all about having fun, fun, and more fun! However, it is also a reason why some of us tend to forget our priorities: one of which is not grabbing the opportunity to study. Summer is a good time to go over your past academic lessons. Materials such as books, flowcharts, and diagrams could be very helpful in the reviewing process.

  1. "T.O. way"

Organize your books and papers in a "T.O. Way"—tidy and orderly manner. Remember that a clean space is a good environment for you to study in. Thus, you'll be able to focus more properly.

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  1. Study buddy

Having trouble studying on your own? Try planning study groups with friends. You could help share knowledge and ideas, and work on each other's difficulties. Plus, spending time with your high school barkada is a must before going to college.

  1. A fruit a day, keeps the body awake

What a person eats can really have an impact on one's energy level and concentration. So before the actual day, remember to stay away from unhealthy foods like junk food. Eat nutritious food such as fruits and veggies; it will keep your mind and body focused and energized.

  1. Hydrate

Being well hydrated is important and essential for your brain and body to work at its best. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the days of your preparation, and don't forget to bring a bottle with you on the actual exam day.

  1. Rest before the test

When college exams are nearing, remember: don't stress yourself out by pulling an all-nighter. You wouldn't want to get mental blocks on the big day, would you? A good eight hours of sleep is what you'll need to be refreshed and at your best during the test.

  1. Skip and Scan

Finally, during the exam, keep in mind that time is gold. Be quick, careful, and analyze everything completely. Remember the two S's: "Skip and Scan." Scan the item first, but don't dwell on it for too long; if it's too complicated to answer then skip it, and just go back when you have the spare time.

Good luck, seniors! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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