8 Things Only Students From Saint Jude Catholic School Can Relate To

From free-day Thursdays to "Epang" Dumplings and Mang Alex.
IMAGE Facebook/Saint Jude Catholic School - High School Department (Basic Education)

Saint Jude Catholic School may be known for being strict and comprehensive, but it's the school's way of preparing their students for what is coming ahead of them.  The learning experience in SJCS is what makes the school very unique because from a very young age, students are taught to work hard. We live up to its core values and take it with us as we grow older. Here are eight things SJCS students can relate to. 

  1. Grace Under Pressure

Judenites are trained to have good study habits in all their subjects. Even though students are engaged in various extra curricular activities, we still make it a point to do everything properly and completely—that's called grace under pressure.

  1. ATM Mind

The minds of the Judenites are just like an automated teller machine (ATM), but instead of being always ready to dispense cash, we're always ready to dispense information. That's because we are trained to memorize everything—from numbers to letters—since pre-school up to the last grade. That is the reason why we are knowledgeable and ready to serve.

  1. Free Day-Thursdays

Some people may think that having no school on Thursdays is unfair. However, this comes with a price as our beloved Saturday, which is supposedly spent with our familes, is spent in school. So instead of having two days in a row of relaxation and fun, we have it on separate days.

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  1. Batch Play

Every fourth quarter, two batches are expected to prepare a production that will be performed live in front of the whole high school department. This is a part of their final grade in English. The lower batch would usually act a Shakespearean play while the upper batch would perform the annual passion play. It's really stressful but it's sure worth the experience. 

  1. The "Chinese Fever."

"Chinese Fever" is very common during Chinese exams because most of the students seem to have been hit by an epidemic. They try their best to memorize their Chinese lessons to the point that they act like zombies, which causes English teachers to be concerned about their lessons since the students are not participating in their classes.

  1. "Epang" Dumplings and Mang Alex

   In SJCS there is this one food stall where the owner, Epang, would sell delicious dumplings, fries, and hashbrown. Every recess period, Judenites rush to the ground floor to purchase these delicious delicacies.

After school, students would eat at Mang Alex Fishballs together with their yaya and driver. A lot of people enjoy eating here because of the special sauce they use.

  1. Annual Sportsfest

Just like most schools, St. Jude hosts an annual Sportsfest in the middle of the school year. Here, different batches compete with each other in a variety of sports. The highlight of the sportsfest is the Mr. and Ms. Sportsfest as well as the Cheering competition. Sometimes, it can get a little dramatic, but it's normal for us to get all competitive during the season since it truly brings out the unity and hardwork of each batch.

  1. Junior-Senior Prom

JS Prom is the peak of our high school lives. The partnering system is always assigned to the batch advisors who will pair you up with someone from the other batch. 


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