8 Things Communication Majors are Tired of Hearing

Don't even start with the "Mass Comm-portable sa bahay" jokes.
Image: Rejina Catapang
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Contrary to the popular "Mass Comm-portable sa bahay" belief, the Communication Major life isn't as easy as you think it is. Here are eight things Communication students are tired of hearing.

  1. "Your course is easy."

Just because it doesn't involve scientific formulas or heaps of calculations, a lot of people think that everything you do is a cakewalk. You're thrown into the "easy major" typecast, as if your late night edits, reports, and deadlines do not keep you up all night.

  1. "Ah, so lalabas ka sa TV?" or "So you're the next Korina Sanchez?"

Your relatives and maybe some of your friends always ask you this question. They expect to see you on TV someday, but what they don't understand is that being a Communication major is so much more that just appearing on the small screen and that there are other jobs in the communication field.

  1. "Do you even have classes?"

When they catch you watching a movie in your laptop in the hallway during class hours, it's because you have to write a 1,500-word review after. You are also in a cafe most of the time because it is where you always meet with your interviewees. In short, you are outside the school premises more often than being in the four walls of the classroom for a reason.

  1. "Will you take my #OOTD?"

Your friends always ask you to take pictures of them because they know how good you are in choosing the right angle, adjusting the shutter speed, ISO and aperture, and even in directing them on how to look their best in the picture.

  1. "Buti pa kayo, nanonood lang ng sine."

Watching a movie is part of our class requirement. However, at the end of the film, you don't have any idea about what happened to the characters, who died or who got married, because you were focused on the cinematography, the lighting and the angle. You unconsciously transform into a critic, which applies not only in the movies and shows you watch, but also in the news segments and advertisements. Basically, it's hard to watch anything without analyzing everything.

  1. "Stop being a Grammar Nazi."

Seeing typos and grammatical errors (especially, "loose" and "lose," "you're" and "your" on their tweets and Facebook rants!) make you wanna throw modules about basic subject-verb agreement or the use of punctuation marks and adjectives at their faces. And they can't blame you because you've learned this the bloody, hard way.

  1. "You must be a great public speaker."

Everyone assumes that all Communication majors are comfortable in public speaking, when in fact, they are also like other people who feel anxious at the thought of a big audience.

  1. "You're never not online."

Not that you feel FOMO if you're not connected. You just need to be updated with what's trending and news-worthy, mostly because it will be your next class topic.

Are you a comm major, too? What are the common miconceptions about your course? Let's talk about them in the comments!

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