8 Struggles Only Girls With Short Hair Will Understand

Short hair, don't care (kind of).
by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 7, 2017
Image: MBC
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Having short hair has its advantages (it's easier to wash, it doesn't get tangled easily), but it sure has a slew of disadvantages, too. Aside from having to secure it when in public vehicles, like the jeep, to avoid getting it all over the place (or someone else's face), we've listed eight more struggles only short-haired girls will understand. 

  1. There are times you miss your long hair.

You were so sure about cutting your hair short even before entering the salon, and even after doing so. But after a few days, you start missing your long hair to the point that you regret making that decision. 

  1. Styling your hair has become a struggle.

Those cute hairstyle tutorials you see on YouTube that seem so easy to recreate? It turns out to be the total opposite IRL that you'd rather just put your hair down than struggle for an hour.

  1. Friends keep asking you, "Why'd you cut your hair?"

"Um, maybe because I want to try something new? Or I just really want to. Period. Must there really be a reason? More importantly, must I explain myself to you?" LOL!

  1. And some even assume you just got into a break up or are moving on from someone.

Even though you don't really have a boyfriend or anyone to move on from in the first place. *sighs* 

  1. Sometimes, people think you're a boy.

When you're obviously not. It's 2017 and people still think that hairstyles are based on genders. *rolls eyes*

  1. People tell you they like your hair longer.

If there's such a term as hair shaming, it's applicable in this scenario. It's practically telling someone you don't like who they are or how they look like after going through some physical changes. 

  1. Hello, flyaway hair!

Flat iron, blow dryer, and a lot of patience can go a long waaaay!

  1. Short hair, don't care.
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At the end of the day, your hair is your crown, so, wear it with pride!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Share them in the comments below!

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