8 Job Interview Questions You Should Know the Answers To

by Mara Agner   |  Oct 11, 2016
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Getting invited for a job interview means you already have your foot in the door. Secure your spot by knowing what questions you'll get asked! Below, we listed eight of Refinery29.com's Qs you should know by heart when you show up for an interview, and added our own explanation.

What's your greatest achievement?

Before going to your interview, make sure you have listed down at least three of your greatest achievements. Tell your interviewer how you got to achieving them, but make it brief (read: don't discuss how you snagged the first place from a classmate who was a close competitor since you were in second grade).

What motivates you?

It's not required but it would help if what you say is somehow in line with the values of the job you're applying for.

Why do you want to work here?

Aside from sharing how you've always dreamed of working in that company, dig a little deeper and mention what you like about the company, like their sense of community or their vision and integrity.

Why are you interested in the job?

Tell them how passionate you are about the job, but make sure it's clear to them that you know that working on your dream job entails a lot of hard work and that you're prepared for it.

What are your strengths?

As much as being the best in your class is a plus, it's also important to let your interviewer know the value you put into working with other people.


What are your weaknesses?

Be honest in a way that shows them you're not perfect but are willing to learn.

How do you handle a situation where you disagree with your boss?

You can cite an example from when something similar happened to you and your teacher in school, but do not brag about how she wound up apologizing to you in front of the class. 

What do you think the main challenges of the job will be?

Not having a ready answer for this question will show that you're not really 100% interested in the job. Make sure to study the job description prior to the interview.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?

Tell them what they want to hear—that you have what it takes to get the job. Show them how passionate you are about getting it and how excited you are to start working. Brag about yourself but be honest about it and make sure you don't overdo it, lest you come off as cocky.

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