8 Great Things About Being A Girl

Candy has come up with the top eight reasons why it's so great to be a girl.
by Katrina Tan   |  Aug 20, 2010
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  • Girls are more mature. Girls begin puberty at around the age of eight. Boys, on the other hand, only reach that stage by the time they’re about 10 years old. Well, with this whopping two-year lead, it’s no wonder girls are known to be the more mature of the two sexes. (You’d have to be mature to put up with all the young boys snapping the backs of your training bra or teasing you as you begin to experiment with makeup!) So while all the guys are still glued to their PS2s and techie gadgets—a phase that actually never goes away—girls are already growing up to be more responsible, sensible, and trustworthy.

  • Girls are smarter. Nope, this isn’t a hoity-toity boast—it’s a proven fact. Girls have 10 times the amount of white matter in their brain than guys do. (In case you were absent during this particular science lesson, white matter is a part of the brain that connects its processing centers.) This means that girls have an easier time handling various ideas and doing several different things at one time. Why do you think it’s so easy for you to talk on the phone, watch One Tree Hill, and flip through a magazine all at once? On top of this amazing multi-tasking skill, girls also tend to think more globally, have superior verbal skills and intuition, and are better at handling pain.

  • Girls are more in tune with their feelings. People who are expressive and sensitive are often described as being “girly.”  Well, what’s wrong with that? It’s no secret that girls are generally considered to be the more emotional sex. Girls can be seen jumping up and down with friends one minute, and then crying their eyes out while watching a sappy movie the next—and that’s on a regular day. But did you know that all these so-called “mood swings” are actually good for you? Studies show that repressive people (a.k.a. guys) are often more prone to depression and illness later on in life. So go ahead and get your friends together for some good ol’ chick flicks or a fun-filled girls’ night out!

  • It’s a girl’s world. Gone are the days when a girl’s life was spent cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. Now, aside from holding down an entire household, girls can become anything they want to be. Indeed, females everywhere are succeeding in all walks of life—from being the CEO of a topnotch corporation, to the number one soccer player in their league, to the lead vocalist in a hit band. In fact, according to the Center for Women’s Business Research, a whopping 10.6 million firms all over the world are at least 50 percent owned by a woman or women. Now, what was that about it being a man’s world again?

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