8 Great Things About Being A Girl

Candy has come up with the top eight reasons why it's so great to be a girl.
by Katrina Tan   |  Aug 20, 2010
photo by Dakila Angeles
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There’s so much talk about guys being bigger than girls, stronger than girls, better at driving than girls… Now, whether these are true or not (which, in our opinion, are so not true!), why is there always so much attention given to the male species? Girls are just as remarkable as guys! And to prove it to you, Candy has come up with the top eight reasons why it’s so great to be a girl.

  1. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes! Take a look at the average clothing store—notice how all the men’s clothes are crammed into one or two measly racks, while the women’s section takes up the entire floor? Yup, women do have it all when it comes to the fashion department. And what’s more, our selection keeps getting better and better every season. (Remember the days when almost everyone was clad in just shirts and jeans?) Well, now, girls have a choice of racer-back tops, vintage style tees, cropped jackets, boho skirts, pants in a variety of cuts… and that’s not even mentioning the loads of accessories! Yup, dressing up is a great way of expressing ourselves, and girls definitely have the advantage in this department!

  2. There’s no friend like a girl friend. Got a low grade on your Algebra exam? Had a fight with the ‘rents? Or just having one of those nothing’s-going-your-way days? Well, for whatever reason you’re down in the dumps, rest assured that your girl friends will be there to console you. They’re always ready with a hug and a pint of ice cream when you’re sad, and are genuinely glad and ready to celebrate when you’re happy. You have to admit—happy moments are so much happier when you share them with your best buds.

  3. We have the right to instant beauty boosters. So you wake up with a huge red mountain of a pimple. So what? As an honored member of the female race, you have all the right to use any method and means to cover up whatever blemish you have. And it doesn’t stop there—girls can tweeze, shave, or wax any unwanted strand of hair on their bodies, get a stunning faux golden tan overnight, and rely on the wonders of makeup and hair styling to “change” their look. Ah… thank God for the wonders of the beauty industry.

  4. The Royal Princess Treatment. While it’s sometimes a pain to be seen as a defenseless and innocent little girl, it’s also a misconception that works to your advantage. C’mon, admit it. There are certain perks you get just by being a girl: You have guys holding doors open for you, getting up from their chairs just so you can sit down, and treating you out to dinner and drinks. Girls also have an easier time charming others into giving them what they want and getting out of tricky situations. So, whether it be the Filipino guy’s gentlemanly upbringing or basic male courtesy, even the most die-hard feminists will admit that it feels good to be pampered every now and then.

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