7 Tips on How You Can Conquer the UPCAT

You got this!
by Alyssa Jose   |  Aug 29, 2015
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Yes, the UPCAT is in less than 24 hours but don't panic just yet! Don't spend this time cramming and feeling anxious; shower yourself with love and motivation instead. Let your "I want it so bad." outlook inspire and push you to do your best. When you're feeling scared, remind yourself of your loved ones who will be rooting for you! Know that you can survive the UPCAT and we give you tips on how to do just that:

 1  Be an early bird.
Save yourself from stress by arriving to the exam venue at least an hour before the test. Traffic can be really bad on UPCAT days and you wouldn't want to be late. You can use the extra time to shake off your exam jitters!

 2  Come prepared.
Make sure you prepare your things the night before! Forgetting your exam permit or your pencils at home is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to double-check EVERYTHING before you head out.


 3  Dress for comfort.
Feeling uncomfortable during one of the most important exams you'll ever take would be a bummer. It's a 5-hour exam so make sure you're comfortable with what you're wearing. Don't forget to bring a light jacket in case your testing room is air-conditioned.

 4  Try not to let anxiety rule you.
The UPCAT can be a make or break opportunity for most of us but don't let its gravity get to your head. You have spent sleepless nights preparing for this so make sure you don't let your nerves get the best of you. Remember to take deep breaths whenever you're feeling overwhelmed. You got this Candy Girl!

 5  Manage your time wisely.
Efficient time management is vital in surviving the UPCAT. Keep the time limit and mind so you can effectively set your pace. Wasting so much time on a difficult question is a huge no-no since all items are graded equally. Analog watches are allowed so make sure you wear one!

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 6  Weigh your guesses carefully.
Did you know that the UPCAT uses a correct-minus-wrong grading system? You will get one point deduction for every 4 wrong items, so be careful! Choosing answers at random would definitely not be a smart move.

 7  Make the best out of the opportunity.
The UPCAT is a once in a lifetime chance so make sure you don't take it for granted. You have worked so hard for this so give your 101%! Giving it your all will save you fromregret in the future.

May the odds be in your favor Candy Girls! Do your very best and be confident with your own strengths and weaknesses. After the exam, make sure you give yourself a well-deserved break! You should let go of your worries and just hope for the best. Whatever the result may be, know that everything happens for a reason! Remember that the UPCAT is not the end all and be all and a college entrance test result doesn't and will never define you as a person.

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