7 Things You Should Practice Before Your Debut

Blossom into a lady by practicing these seven things.
  |  Dec 1, 2014
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Preparing for your debut is so much more than choosing the perfect shade for your décor or obsessing about the ultimate gown design. Onyour 18th birthday, you'll be presented as a lady, and you'd want to act accordingly, wouldn't you?

As you plan for the party, pay attention to practicing these things as well.

  1. Walking in High Heels
    If sneakers and flipflops get the most mileage in your shoe collection, practice walking (with poise) in high heels. If you'll be wearing new shoes, break them in so you're comfy at the event. Also practicewalking up and down the stairs, and doing some dance steps as well.

  2. Moving in Your Gown
    Asking your designer to make you the Pouffiest. Gown. Ever. comes with a challenge. Your gown should move with you, whether you intend to sit, stand, or dance. As you fit your gown, practice your movements so you can move about comfortably. Also ask your designer to hem the skirt at the right length to prevent tripping.

  3. Dancing with Your Entourage
    Make your dance memorable for all the right reasons by practicing with your entourage well before the party. You may also need to rehearse a few moves for the dance that will come with the 18 roses.Ask your dad to help you practice--he surely won't pass up the chance to spend quality time with his princess.

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  4. Listening (and Reacting Gracefully) to Advice & Anecdotes
    On your debut, guests will give you advice, but they may also (unintentionally) share embarrassing anecdotes about you. If you have the tendency to lose your cool, resolve to act gracefully no matter what happens at your party.

  5. Eating Like an Adult
    If your debut dinner will involve fancy flatware, learn how to use the proper utensils for each course. A tip: start from the outermost utensils, and then work your way in. Also, take small bites to avoid choking (and messing up your lipstick!).

  6. Giving a Speech in Front of Lots of People
    At the end of your party, you'll need to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Prepare for your short speech before the party so you don't end up rambling at the event. You may prepare cue cards so you can stay focused during your speech.

  7. Letting Go of Stress
    While you'll be doing your best to have the best debut, know that there are things beyond your control. Don't lose your head over minor mishaps, and just learn to go with the flow. When you've done everything you can, learn to let go and just enjoy your party.

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