7 Things You Should Know About Tita Cory

by Roch Vergara   |  Aug 4, 2009
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  1. She was a simple wife and mother to a family of seven. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino was born on Jan 25, 1933 in a wealthy and powerful family in a town called Paniqui in Tarlac, Philippines. She had 5 children (one of which is the famous TV host, Kris Aquino) and was married to the late senator, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, who was assassinated during the Marcos dictatorship. She lived a full life.

  2. She was the first woman to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Before the 1986 snap elections, she didn't know anything about the presidency. After her husband's assassination, she was asked to run for President supported by a campaign that generated a million of signatures to convince her that the dictatorship just had to stop.

    After Ferdinand Marcos was proclaimed the winner for the 1986 snap elections, her camp discovered that the results were rigged, which led to People Power revolution.

  3. The power of the color Yellow and the letter "L." Yellow has been associated to Tita Cory because she would always wear yellow. The "L" sign means "laban," which was Tita Cory's party slogan when she ran for elections in 1986.

  4. She loved Mama Mary. As a Marian Devotee, she would draw her strength through praying to Our Lady of Fatima by attending mass every day and by praying 3 rosaries in a day.

  5. She is recognized worldwide. Tita Cory was Time Magazine's Woman of the Year in 1986. She was the fourth woman who was given this prestigious honor and was the only Filipina who was given such credit. When she spoke before the US Congress, "she received the most thunderous reception given any foreign leader in more than a generation."

  6. She always looked at the bright side of things. Even in sickness, she was still carrying a positive outlook. After she was diagnosed of colon cancer, she said that God will take care of her in recovering from her sickness. In her words, "I am 75. I have lived a full life. I cannot complain."

  7. She always put others before herself. After her presidential term in 1992, she devoted her time to organize projects that would help the less fortunate and fund aids for victims of disaster.
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