6 Things to Expect When Dating a Grade-Conscious Student

"Can we move the date? We have Chem quiz tomorrow."
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 15, 2016
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We have given you the usual struggles of grade-conscious Candy Girls already, but have you ever thought what it will be like when they start getting into a romantic relationship? It's a rare case for GC students to juggle their studies with dating but believe it or not, there are actually students who manage to do it. It's not easy for them and for their baes but it is possible. It just takes a little more effort from them and a little bit more understanding from their baes when dealing with these struggles.

  1. Her planner is the most important thing in her life.

But don't worry, you come pretty close to the top. It's just that her planner contains everything, so she can manage her schedule and allot time for everything she needs to do—including spending time with you.

  1. Conversations with her can move to something more serious in a matter of minutes.


One moment you're talking about where you will be celebrating your college graduation or which restaurant you're both trying for your anniversary date. The next moment, you'll find yourself in a conversation with her about Trigonometry, Chemistry, or Biology... and it seems like there's no stopping her from talking about those theories, too!

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  1. She will send you a message in the middle of the night...

...not because she wants to wish you a good night's rest, but because she's telling you to go ahead and go to bed. She'll tell you that she needs to finish a paper for History class and to finish reviewing for the graded recitation in Philo tomorrow. That or she'll tell you it's still too early to sleep at 10PM, so she'd better work in advance on her school requirements.

  1. She will ask you to a move your date to some other time or to cut it short.


Just because there's a quiz scheduled the next day, and she needs to make sure she's got everything covered. That or she needs to finish making her reviewers for next week's exam.

  1. Your default date place is a coffee shop.

She thinks it's like hitting two birds with the same stone: She can have a date with you and enjoy some peace and quiet for her thoughts, too. Another reason why she loves the place? Because she can go there a few hours before the time you set to review and finish some school work.

  1. But don't worry because she knows how to handle her responsibilities well.

She may seem uninterested sometimes or too sleepy to talk to you, but know that she's doing the best she can to spend enough time for everyone and everything she loves.

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