7 Text Messages That Have Stayed In Your Drafts Folder

Do you ever just stare at a text and wonder whether or not you should press send? Candy runs you through it.
by Julianne Suazo   |  Dec 8, 2014
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To: The Ex
Message: "Hey, what's up?"
Why you shouldn't send it: What's up with what? What's up with that him and the new girl in his profile picture? You don't need to know the answer to that. An ex is an ex for a reason. Respect and love yourself enough not to look back at the people or things that once made your heart ache. After all, "what's up" is never just a "what's up."

To: Your Long-time Frenemy 
Message: "Can we talk?"
Why you should send it: If there's anything worse than having enemies, it's never knowing whether or not your "friend" is one of them. Spend some time with them, clear things up and know for sure. Who knows? She/he might actually feel the same way about you. Clear the air and decide whether or not she’s a friend or a foe. I know that these three words possibly make up the most terrifying sentence in the English language but you have to get rid of the elephant in the room one way or another.


To: Your Friend Who Moved Away
Message: "How's it going over there? Tell me everything!"
Why you should send it: The thing with losing touch with friends who move away is, you shouldn’t really have to. Welcome to the 21st century where technology is literally everywhere. There are so many ways to communicate—Facebook, Viber, Twitter, etc. You have no excuse not to keep in touch! Distance should never be a hurdle in your friendship. 

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To: The Person You're in a Fight With
Message: "It's your fault because…"
Why you shouldn't send it: In some arguments, you're just never going to pinpoint who's really at fault—maybe it's you, maybe it's them. Don't add fuel to the fire. Sometimes, you just have to remember that saying sorry is more important than being right. 

To: Your Friend Who's Always With Her Boyfriend
Message: "I really miss you and I wish we could have some one-on-one time!"
Why you should send it: Friendships that are not actually destroyed by the other getting into a romantic relationship. More often than not, it's the lack of communication and the assumption that your friend's too busy for you now. You think that just because your friend is now in a relationship, they're not trying reach out to you anymore but hey, you aren't exactly trying either.


To:  Your Childhood Friend
Message: "We haven't spoken in so long. Let's catch up!"
Why you should send it: Childhood friendships are the best because they will always remind you of home. And in the midst of all the stress, noise and being busy, it’s nice to remember the feeling of home (and remembering the time where you didn’t have anything to worry about except what crayon to use or what ball game to play). Was it because of different schools? Different crowds? Whatever it may be, you shouldn’t let the friendship go to waste. Nothing says eternal friendship than being in diapers together. 

To: Your Crush
Message: "We should hang out!"
Why you should send it: Pfsh, messaging your crush isn't that hard. It's absolutely terrifying! The agonizing pain of waiting for his reply or wondering if he's even going to reply at all. No harm in wanting to hang out with your crush, I mean, don't we all want that? You have to get rid of the fear that he might think you're being too flirty or too awkward. A friend reminded me that there's this quote that goes, "You miss 100% of the chances you don't take." When there’s nothing to lose, there's also nothing to gain.  


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