7 Struggles Only Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

Just whip your hair back and forth!
by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 18, 2017
Image: YouTube / ArianaGrandeVEVO
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Having long, luxuriant locks takes a lot of time (and effort!) to maintain, especially, if your hair gets tangled with a lot of things. And by a lot of things, we mean a LOT of things. We understand the struggles of maintaining long hair, so we made a list that we think sums up all the challenges it brings.  

  1. Your hair gets stuck in everything!

Backpacks, car doors, coat zippers, chairs—even bottle caps! Literally everything; it's like a magnet! 

  1. You find hair strands everywhere. 

On your pillows, clothes, and sometimes, even on your food. You might as well wear a hairnet every day!

  1. Hair tools like flat iron and blow dryer will never be your BFF.

It takes forever to dry your hair and straighten it. Sometimes you have no choice but to deal with bad hair days. It's a long process, TBH.

  1. The wind is your worst enemy. 

The wind just loves ruining a lot of things for you. Your hair that took you an hour (or two) to style? Ruined in a matter of seconds because of the wind. Can't a girl enjoy the breeze and still have gorgeous hair just like in cartoons? 

  1. Your public commute involves a lot of apologizing to the people beside you...  

...which is pretty understandable because they did not ride the jeep to accidentally eat (or be slapped) by hair. 

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  1. Your hair prevents you from working out.

 Sweaty hair, do care. (An understandable reason for not working out, don't you think?)

  1. Searching for the perfect hair tie.

You secretly hope that someone invents a hair tie for girls with long hair, or hair ties that don't go missing whenever you need them. 

Struggles aside, your hair is your best accessory, so be proud to wear it! 

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