7 Reasons You're (Still) Single and Why It's Okay

"Is there something wrong with me?"
by Nicka Cassandra Jerao   |  Sep 21, 2017
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Being single is a choice. Yes, it's great to have freedom and independence but sometimes, it makes you question yourself. Nobody wants to be alone but being with someone who you're not comfortable with, would you even consider to be in a relationship? 

Being in the Single Club for too long might make you think, "Is there something wrong with me?" Let's get this out of the way: the answer is no. There's nothing wrong with you. It's either you're not ready yet or you're scared to meet new people and take that risk. It's not a bad thing so don't pressure yourself to be in a relationship when you're not ready for it yet.

Let's talk about the things that might enlighten you on why you're (still) single and why it's totally okay:

  1. You're all about your goals.

We all have goals but not every one of us can balance everything out. Some think that dating can be a distraction and can take the most out of their time and energy, so they choose to be single to stay focused on their goals. 

  1. Commitment issues.

Be honest, some of us are scared of being in a relationship or committing ourselves to something long term. It's because of things that we were witnesses to growing up or the experiences we get to see in our everyday lives.

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  1. You don't have the time.

Being in a relationship isn't done in a snap. Investing on your time and emotions are two things you aren't ready to give up yet. And your life might not be in perfect condition right now so it's okay to settle all the dust first before settling into a relationship.

  1. You lack self-confidence.

We could all use some confidence boost sometimes but you should also keep in mind that what you look like doesn't matter—it's how you carry yourself in every situation. Have a little faith in yourself!

  1. You're still thinking about your ex.

No one wants to admit this but we're all guilty in some ways. Sure, you've broken up after a year and maybe he/she already found someone new and here you are still sulking in the corner. It's alright if you aren't ready to be in a new relationship yet. Take time to heal and try to rebuild yourself then conquer the dating world whenever you're ready.

  1. Your standards are way too high.

Don't settle for less than what you deserve. Yes, it's true but sometimes we tend to overuse that phrase to the point that it has become unrealistic. Instead, don't always look for the right person, be that right person.

  1. You're a work in progress.

Everyone is a work in progress and being alone gives you time to learn and discover things you didn't know about yourself.

The list goes on, but always remember that being in a relationship isn't a race. Don't be ashamed if you're single even if everybody else is taken.

Are you proud to be single, too?

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