7 Medical Board Exam Topnotchers and Their Pre-Med Courses

You'll find that board topnotchers come from different educational institutions and pre-med degrees.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 16, 2021
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For med students, passing the physician licensure examination is one step towards fulfilling their dreams of becoming a doctor. While it's already a huge feat to pass the licensure exams, coming out on top is an added prestige for aspiring doctors.

There's no one way to success and every board topnotcher has their own stories to share about their respective journeys. You'll find that board topnotchers come from different educational institutions and pre-med degrees.

Below, we take a look at PLE topnotchers throughout the years as well as the undergraduate degrees they earned before entering med school and eventually topping the boards:

Tiffany Grace Uy

Tiffany Uy is a recognizable name among college students, especially for aspiring doctors and UP students. Uy is known for her almost-perfect GWA during her undergraduate years at University of the Philippines - Diliman. She graduated summa cum laude from UPD with a degree in Biology.  Uy went on to rank fifth in the 2020 PLE.


Federico Adriano Peralta IV

Federico Peralta IV from University of Santo Tomas topped the physician licensure exams in 2019. Her sisters also ranked high in the board exams before him. Peralta took up Medical Technology as his pre-med course and graduated magna cum laude.

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Kurl Eduvas Zamora

Kurl Zamora ranked first in the 2018 PLE. A Bacolod native, Zamora graduated with a degree in Human Biology from De La Salle University and went to med school at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute.

Vincent Edouard Anthony Gullas

Vincent Gullas from Cebu ranked first in the 2017 PLE. He took up Medical Technology at Velez College and graduated magna cum laude. He also topped the medical technology board exams in 2012. For med school, Gullas went to University of Santo Tomas.

Rayan Abogado Oliva

Rayan Oliva from St.Luke's College of Medicine landed in third in the 2016 PLE. Oliva graduated from Ateneo de Naga University with a degree in Nursing. Oliva also topped the nursing board exams in 2010.


Andrew Chua Tiu

Andrew Chua Tiu topped the physician licensure exams in 2015. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Nursing at Velez College. He went to Cebu Institute of Medicine for med school and also graduated with Latin honors. Tiu also ranked 8th during the 2009 nursing licensure examination.

Angeli Andrea S. Cocos

Angeli Andrea Cocos ranked first in the 2014 PLE. Cocos majored in Biology at University of the Philippines - Manila.


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