7 Beauty Hacks for Getting Ready for Your Debut

Make things easier for you and your hair and makeup artist with these tips.
  |  Apr 3, 2015
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Your hair and makeup artist will be enhancing your features for your debut, and you surely want the best from him or her. Getting pretty for your debut party will be so much easier with our seven beauty hacks below.

1  Don't let excitement keep you up all night.
While your makeup artist can surely camouflage your eyebags, nothing beats getting a good night's sleep before your debut party. The excitement may make it challenging for you to sleep, but do make an effort to hit the sack an hour before your intended bedtime. This way, you'll give yourself enough time to fall asleep even if all you can think about is the day ahead. Your skin will thank you for your beauty sleep.

2  Skip the hair conditioner.
You might use hair conditioner every day, but remember to skip it on the day of your debut. Hairstyles—especially updos—hold better when your hair is dirty (read: unwashed). If you can't skip shampooing on your big day, just nix the conditioner so that your hair stylist will have an easier time fashioning your locks into a fabulous 'do.


3  Take extra care when you eat.
Your hair and makeup session will take about two hours, and you might get hungry while you're on the makeup chair. Eating or drinking, however, may smudge your makeup. Use a straw for drinking, and if you can, opt for food that you can eat in small bites. Better yet, eat and brush your teeth before getting made up, so that your makeup artist won't have to retouch your lips and chin.

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4  Pick a spot with lots of natural light.
You've looked forward to getting dolled up, so make sure that what you see in the mirror is what you're actually getting. Book a room with lots of natural light, or set up the makeup chair near a window. This way, you can check if you and your hair and makeup artist are on the same page.

5  Wear something comfy and easy to slip out of.
When you've had your hair and makeup done, you'll need to change into your debut gown. Half the battle is slipping out of your regular clothes without ruining your look—and to do that, wear something that you can easily take off. A robe, a button-down shirt or something with a loose neckline is your best bet. Ask someone to assist you when you put on your gown, shoes, and other accessories.


6  Let someone else run the show while you get made up.
Once you sit on the makeup chair, you should stop worrying about everything else. Assign a point person, like a family member or a close friend, to handle things (i.e. coordinate with suppliers, entertain friends) while you get fabulous.

7  Prepare a playlist of happy songs.
Most hair and makeup artists are friendly, and they'll surely chat with you while you get your hair and makeup done. However, it's also a good idea to prepare a playlist of happy and upbeat songs just so you can avoid any awkward silences. Music will also get you and your team in a bubbly mood as you prepare for your debut.

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