6 Types of Girlfriends on Valentine's Day

by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 11, 2017
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We know that Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. It's also for friends, family, and basically anyone who celebrates love. But typically, most couples go all out on V-Day because this is actually the only day that it's acceptable to see couples all sweet and mushy. Here are the six types of girlfriends you're going to see (or be with) on V-Day!

  1. The high expectations girlfriend.

She has reaaaaaaally high expectations (sometimes, too much!) for V-Day. She expects her boyfriend to give her everything she asks for: a bouquet of white and red roses, a ginormous panda bear, Ferrero Rocher heart gift box, My Princess Tiara ring from Pandora, and Kylie's Diary from Kylie Cosmetics. If her boyfriend doesn't give all of these to her on Valentine's Day, she's going to be mad. Or break up with him. Seriously.

  1. The social media girlfriend.

The girlfriend who's attached to her phone all day! She's going to be all sweet to her boyfriend on social media and perhaps, a little bit annoying to the people get to read them on their feeds. She doesn't care where they're going to spend their day, as long as there's a good background for her V-Day OOTD. And her gifts from the boyf? She's going to take at least 100 pictures of it in every possible angle. And she'll probably document every fun thing they do for Snapchat.

  1. The overly excited girlfriend.

It's normal to be excited for V-Day but this girl's excitement is just over the top! She's planned everything (and we mean everything!),  been dreaming about it since February 1st. Basically, she looks at V-Day like Christmas, LOL! 


  1. The pressured girlfriend.

She doesn't know what to give to her boyfriend on V-Day, and sometimes accidentally forgets that it's Valentine's Day or that it even exists! She usually asks her boyfriend's friends and family about what she should get him because this is even harder than looking for a gift on his birthday.

  1. The longtime girlfriend.

She has been with her boyfriend for four years (or more), so spending V-day together isn't something new anymore. She knows what to buy, what to wear, what kind of surprise he's going to like, and just simply everything she has to know on V-Day. This girl's got it all figured out, and yet she's still excited about it!

  1. The neutral girlfriend.

She doesn't expect anything from her boyfriend, and doesn't look at V-Day as a special occasion that much. She's actually okay if he doesn't give her anything and knows that it doesn't mean he doesn't care. As long as she's with her boyfriend, she's genuinely happy. 

Know more types of GFs we should add to this list? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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