5 Things College Students Living Away From Home Can Relate To

Living away from home is the best, but can also be the worst.
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 12, 2016
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Living away from home expectations: You can go to all the parties you want to (no curfew!), do things only when you feel like doing so (wash the dishes or clean your room whenever), or have friends over no matter what time of the day ("mi casa es su casa, bro")

Living away from home reality: You're accountable for everything that you do. After all, you're by yourself and no one is going to pick up after you. 

Below, we listed six of the most relatable things when you're a college student living away from home. Read and check if they sound familiar to you.

You get bouts of homesickness.

Admit it, no matter how pesky your brother is or how you get a scolding from your mom so early in the morning, there are times when you just feel the need to be with them or simply miss being around them for no reason.


You crave for lutong bahay.

Living alone means you're almost always eating out or stuffing yourself full with junk, which is why you're always on the lookout for homecooked meals similar to your mom's specialty adobo.

You have to fend for yourself.

Living alone horror story in nine words: No one is going to do it for you. Unlike at home where you wake up with breakfast ready or with your clothes already ironed, living alone means doing those chores (and many more) by yourself.

You end up eating more instant noodles than you should.

Not because you want to, but because most of your money is spent on "readings" (read: lunch outs or hangouts) leaving you with an almost empty wallet before you get your next allowance.

No one's there to care for you when you're sick.

Sure, you have friends who check on you from time to time, but there's nothing like a mother's TLC that can make you feel better.

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