6 Things Only Communications Majors Will Understand

You didn't choose the Comm life, the Comm life chose you.
by Alyssa Jose   |  Jun 27, 2016
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1. It's hard to enjoy watching TV shows and movies.

You can't sit through an entire episode without analyzing everything about it to death. Well you try to but it's like having an itch you can't help but scratch. It feels as if you are already hardwired to critique a TV show's cinematography, script continuity, editing, and a whole lot of ~*technical*~ stuff and it sucks sometimes especially when you just want to relax and take your mind off school. Thanks a lot, professors, you have successfully hijacked our guilty pleasure.

2. You're tired of hearing, "I wish my major were as easy as yours!"

There's a stigma surrounding brave souls who chose to study communications, and it needs to end. A lot of people think that it is a piece of cake and that you chose to take it just because you're not good with numbers or Science. UGH, RIGHT? It happens so often that you have lost count of how many times you have forced yourself to keep your cool and pull the plug on the stream of sassy comebacks running through your mind. Proud of you for keeping it together most of the time!


3. You are VERY pop culture-savvy.

Your course involves a lot of trying to get into people's heads and understanding what makes them tick so it is important that you are in the know of the latest, most talked about trending topics out there. Plus you are a full-time resident of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, *insert all possible social media platforms here* so you are connected 24/7. When your friends obsess over how much time you spend online you always go "What? We need it for class!"

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4. Everyone assumes that you're an extrovert.

The professor asks for a class reporter and everyone instantly turns to you. It's either you whine because you are tired of always being expected to do all the public speaking or if you are actually the shy type, you slowly crumble as anxiety eats you up right then and there. Guess this is a burden all communication majors will have to carry forever. *collective sigh* PSA: Not everyone here is comfortable with speaking to large groups of people, okay?


5. Thinking of what to wear is always a problem.

With concept pitches, reports, event coverages, and shoots left and right, it is true that looking your best and feeling confident with how you look is a must. It's kinda hard to keep up given the limits of student allowance but you don't let that stop you from looking like a million bucks. You swear by the importance of having the basics and you are crackerjack when it comes to mixing and matching pieces. Life skill, people!

6. You are brave.

Communication majors eat rejections for breakfast. Scripts and productions often don't make the cut and professors are not always darling when they break the news to you, but you always pick yourself up and you return to the drawing board. People would also tell you that you chose the wrong major just because your possible future career "doesn't pay well" but you brush it all off and continue doing what you do best because you are in love with what you are doing and that is what matters. 


Life as a communication major is never easy (even though everyone thinks it is, which is a bummer) but you know you will never get disheartened because you are passionate about telling stories to the people. You are sure that you will never quit even though rejections try to toppleyour dreams down every single day because you have never been more sure of anything before. It is tough and it is a battlefield out there in the real world but you know deep in your heart that you can't imagine yourself doing anything else.

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