6 Reasons Why You Should Take the UPCAT

by Alyssa Jose   |  Aug 4, 2016
Image: Clare Magno
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1. UP Campuses are utterly beautiful.

Strolling around UP campuses is not the "typical speed walking" to your next class. It will be mini nature trips and museum visits every single time because there will be patches of trees and art installations, and open spaces everywhere you look. You might be super tired from all your school works but you will never get tired of the sights around campus!

2. You have to meet the people.

The beauty of the place could be one of the reasons to go but the people will forever be the reason to stay. There will be days when you'll encounter people who think exactly like you do. While on other days, you will bump into people who are going to make you question your very own ideas. Listen to themall of them. Because they will do the same to you and that is the best thing about UP; it makes space for everything you have to say. 

3. And taste the food.

We're sure you have heard tales on how foodies visit UP campuses just to grab a bite. The food in UP is easy on the pocket (Promise, your allowance will pile upit's that student-friendly!) but does not fall short in deliciousness! Be careful though, because Freshman 15 is NOT a myth!

4. UP professors are the best.

In UP, fangirling over professors is kind of a usual thing. UP professors have so many accomplishments under their sleeves and it will always feel like such an honor to even be in the same room with them. However, that also means that you'd always have to step up to keep up. But you love a good challenge, don't you?


5. Say goodbye to your uniforms.

You can finally ditch your high school uniform (we know you are secretly tired of wearing it *wink*) because UP will give you a chance to express yourself through your clothes. UP students see fashion as a form of self-expression so you can wear whatever feels right and you will not be judged!

6. UP education will change your life.

UP is not the number one university in the country for nothing. This place will push you out of your comfort zone and pull you under just for you to learn how to keep your head above water.  It is tough out here but you will be thriving with the best of the best and every single day you will emerge better than you were yesterday. No diamonds can be formed without pressure and you’ll never knowthis might be your place to shine.

UP is known for other things too like the annoying long lines and the inefficient enrollment system but there are more things to love about the state university, trust us. UP may not be the perfect university, but it just might be perfect for you!

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