6 Kinds of People You Don't Need in Your Life

by Nicole Chiang   |  Jan 14, 2016
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Who should stay and who should leave? It's a tough question we have to face sometimes. Choosing the people you spend your waking moments with can be quite challenging, especially when you don't know what type of people you should actually be looking out for. To help you out, we've put together a list of the kinds of people you should really consider distancing yourself from. Try to observe the people around you; there's bound to be some sure signs that they're not exactly the ones you should be keeping around all the time. Chin up. It's a new year—a new chance to choose your friends wisely.

  1. The User-Friendly

    We've all encountered this kind of person in our lives at one point in time. Be it the girl who only shimmies up to you when they need something from you, or the one who always seems to stay extra-friendly but instantly changes the minute you had nothing more to offer than your friendship. It's time for you to let them leave—for good. You won't always be able to see the signs quite so quickly. They'll always be there when they know it's to their advantage. Do you know someone who always hitches a ride with you? Well, you'll know if they just spend time with you because of your car when they start disappearing once you stop offering your carpooling services. Seriously, if they leave? Let them. You don't need people who only like you because of the advantages that come with being your friend.

  2. The Quicksand

    By quicksand, we're not referring to the people who'll keep your feet on the ground, because you need those kinds of people. What we mean is someone who hates seeing you succeed without them, and therefore tries to pull you down. When they're down there, you're going to have to go down with them. They stay with you on your down days because they know how it feels to need someone at the low points in your life. That's great and all, but you should also know that a great friend would be there for you when you're down, and proud of you when you're up. They shouldn't be resenting you for your achievements, because your happiness is also their happiness. You don't exactly ditch them, but when they start to pull you down, don't let them. Instead, try pulling them up with you.

  3. The Choker

    Nope, it's not the trending accessory you may or may not be wearing at the moment. It's the type of person who doesn't give you any space. At all. You're still young. You're still going to have a great life ahead of you. You'll recognize this type of person when you always feel suffocated around them—not in the literal sense, mind you. They're the people who you feel are dictating your life. "Don't wear shorts," "don't put your hair up," "don't hang out with guys." You always feel like you should be extra careful in everything you say or do around them because you're scared it'll upset them. Don't allow someone to take hold of your life. Give yourself the time to enjoy and discover yourself.

  4. The Pessimist

    You can't help but be influenced by the people you choose to surround yourself with. When you choose to spend time with people who always see the glass half empty, chances are, you'll see things the same way they do. Honestly, it's so much easier to be influenced by negative people. It's okay to do things the hard way. Push for more positivity in your life even when it's hard. Don't be scared of doing something you haven't even tried. If there's something you have to do more than anything this 2016, it's to have a more positive outlook in life. Surround yourself with positivity, and your life will instantly feel better.

  5. The Competitor

    Why in the world does this person keep on comparing homework answers? You didn't sign up for any competition, yet the way they keep glancing at the top of your papers to see your grades makes you feel a tad bit uncomfortable. You don't need extra pressure when there's already so much in your plate at the moment. Friendly competition is alright, but not when it's over the top and starts to get personal. You don't want your 5 point difference in yesterday's quiz become the reason a person starts bringing up how your ex broke up with you 5 years ago—because it has absolutely nothing to do with it. 2016 may be just the right time to distance yourself away from unnecessary stress.

  6. The Fake Friend

    You know something's up when no matter how much you screw up in life, there's this one person who seems to be full of sweet words ready for you. They seem to sugarcoat everything they tell you. Even when you know you did something awful, they always try to get to your good side. Showering you daily with compliments–nothing screams "fake" more than the mega-watt smile on their face. Maybe you'll enjoy having these people with you, but there's nothing more toxic than fake friends. You'll never know what's wrong. You'll never know if they're talking about you behind your back. You'll never suspect anything. It's better to get over with the truth than to always live with a lie. Always remember that, Candy Girls!

Who are the people you think you should filter out of your life? Let's talk in the comments below!

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