6 Good Habits Filipinos Will Bring Everywhere They Go

Or the six things that make us uniquely Filipino.
by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Aug 20, 2016
Image: Viva Films ART Clare Magno
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We could all agree that our home is unique. With about 7,107 islands and 13 languages spoken, the Philippines isn't just a "small country," it's sprawling with different kinds of cultures, beliefs, and traditions. There are about 98.9 million Filipinos in the world right now yet no matter how diverse we all are in terms of background, these traits will always signal that we're Filipino by heart.

  1. We say "Thank you," and "Please."

Wherever a Filipino goes, they'll always have their manners intact. It isn't uncommon to slip a po or opo when speaking to different people, even if they're foreigners. We can all thank our parents and our grandparents for drilling in us proper etiquette and for teaching us how to be polite and respectful, especially when in the company of people older than us.

  1. Nothing can stop us from smiling or laughing.

If you've traveled quite often, you would know that in some countries, they'd prefer to be quiet, especially in public places. That isn't the case for Filipinos. For us, smiling and laughing (admittedly, quite loudly,) is just second nature. We don't need any specific reason to have a smile on our faces or to laugh out loud. Rain or shine, in turbulent times or smooth sailing days, we'd always find something to be positive about.

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  1. The absolute love for food

Food tripping or pigging out is a common barkada to-do for all Filipinos in general. We can admit, we're known to have eccentric food, some examples could be the balut, dinuguang baboy, and so on. Because of this, we're always willing to try new food to tickle our tastebuds. Hey, adventure doesn't just stop outdoors, does it?

  1. We're helpful.

As Filipinos, helping other people is natural. It's something that you could actually expect a Filipino to be. It could be as simple as leading other people to places they need to go to, or helping other people place their groceries in the jeepneys, or even giving someone a ride home after a fun night out. No matter how small or big it is, Filipinos will always be there, willing to give a hand.

  1. We're very hospitable and accommodating.

Filipinos have a natural talent for being entertaining, especially in the presence of guests. If there were a list of the most accommodating people in the world, Filipinos would definitely top it. We're always willing to accept different people in our lives, and into our homes. It's never a boring time when you;re with Filipinos. They’ll be there to offer you accommodation to giving you a tour around certain areas, or even something as simple as having a spontaneous meal with you, Filipinos will always be ready to accept you with open arms.

  1. The love for adventure and fun

Filipinos love having a good time. We love belching our hearts all day and night long during karaoke, we're always craving to travel and explore, we love getting into sports, hiking, diving, you name it. With that said, you can't go wrong with having a Filipino around in a group, we're sure to be game for anything and everything under the sun because we know how to have fun. Just like our tagline, Isn't it more fun with Filipinos? 

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