6 HS, College Subjects Students Unexpectedly LOVED

Hands up if you ~loved~ chemistry, too!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 2, 2020
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In college, it's expected that students will have favorite classes--the ones they're genuinely interested in taking (nope, not including lunch time). But with all the unexpected twists and turns in life, there will also be classes we will end up loving even though we initially doubted taking them.

It's hard to believe it, but once upon a time, we never imagined taking these classes ever in our college lives. And yet, one semester into it, and you've become a totally changed person. Call it cliche, but that's college for you. 

Here, we round up a few testimonies from college students who opened up about the classes and electives they never expected they'd like. What's yours?

Organic Chemistry

Honestly, it's rare to meet people who never had a hard time with chemistry, but it isn't all bad! "[For me], it's organic chemistry when I was in junior high school in a Science high school. And I ended up taking Chemical Engineering as my course," shares @audreynaguit.



Language classes are hard AF, especially when you're already well into teenhood. But for many people, there is always an upside to learning new foreign words! "I had to take French classes and I ended up liking it because I can now swear in a different language," says @sharmainexx.

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In life, there are things we didn't want and choose for ourselves, but it's always up to us to decide what to make of the experience. "[I took] Anthro 10 without choice. My professor was a ballerina and a daughter of a national artist. Loved her class!" says @heartbymeera.

Government Management

Taking something especially relevant in today's society is definitely a class worth taking. "Government Management, some are involved but not many are willing to learn properly," shares @alexamasicat.

Table Tennis

Who ever said table tennis was boring? PE classes are hard to like for people who hate any semblance of physical activity, but there are obviously exceptions. "I took table tennis as my PE in PV and never did I think that it would be fun!" admits @_justleooo.


Fashion Design

Fashion design isn't as easy and fancy as it sounds, and it's certainly not just for the ladies. "Never thought I'm gonna love creating clothes and designs," shares @delbarriomarvin.


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