6 Org Lessons That Will be Useful When You Start Your Internship

BS Org, anyone?
by Kaye Serrano   |  Jan 12, 2017
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It's no secret that the org life is an avenue for students to practice what they've learned and apply it in the working environment they will eventually be in after they graduate. At the same time, your experience in the org also gives you lessons that sometimes classes cannot provide. That's what makes college life so colorful and life-changing! So for those who are starting out in college or who are about to graduate, be sure to keep in mind these lessons.

  1. Communication, communication, communication.

You are bound to work with many people throughout your stay in the org, from upperclassmen to even professionals outside the university. How you relay information and express your ideas and opinions to other people is crucial to working effectively. Plus, it decreases the chances of you making rookie mistakes.

  1. It's okay to disagree on ideas.

Having different opinions on an important matter is actually a good thing, because it gives you more options and lets you make better decisions! That is also why it's perfectly fine to have disagreements, as long as your reasoning is valid and rational. Keep an open and understanding mind, and you'll surely bring out the best in your work.

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  1. A little wit or pun won't hurt.

There have already been studies about punny people being smart—it exercises your capacity to think outside of the box, which is what will make you shine and stand out from the rest. You will definitely need those skills when you have to promote your next org event, which can someday turn into your future ad campaign, so don't limit your puns to your Instagram captions.

  1. Be confident with your work.

Bosses—from your org to your future office—can easily tell if you are presenting something that you are not confident about. If you really did your best and you worked hard for it, no matter what the results are, you should be proud of your output! May it be plans or physical products, it shows your boss and your co-workers that you put effort into it and that you used your best ideas. Work it (literally)!

  1. Recognize other people's work and skills!

Part of being a good team player is knowing your colleagues well, and that includes learning about their skills and capabilities. Having them in mind for a certain task means that you acknowledge them, and that they are just as important as you are in the org. When many people work on the same thing, it's not productive at all, so maximize your assets and let everyone shine!

  1. Respect other people's time (that includes rest!)

In order to have a mind brimming with amazing ideas, you've got to have a little break for yourself and everyone, too! Taking a breather could also be an opportunity for you to let the good ideas appear on their own. Remember, girls, the healthier the body and mind, the better the performance will be!

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