5 Ways You Can Make Your Student Life More Interesting

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5 Ways You Can Make Your Student Life More Interesting

It’s never too early to start laying down the foundation of your dreams. Whether you’re just about to take your college admission test or already living the hectic life of a college student, you need to have the right attitude to make sure you win it.

Here are 5 things according to the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) that can help put you in the right track:


1. Go out there and learn

Don’t be confined to the four walls of your classroom when it comes to learning new things. You can enhance your knowledge by signing up for free trainings and seminars. There are even capsule courses offered online that you can access in a click!



 2. Find a mentor

Successful people know that having a good mentor is key to achieving dreams. You need someone who can help guide you or sometimes, simply inspire you to be better. You don’t even need to look far for your role model. It can be your Mom, your big sis, or your favorite professor.


3. Build connections

Having a good network is important, regardless of age. They can be your friends, the friends of friends, people at your academic club, or someone you met at an inter-high. They can help give you recommendations of good Universities or something as simple as helping you find that skirt style you’re set to wear to your big presentation. It pays to have friends!


 4. Reward yourself

At the end of the day, you need to learn to recognize your hard work. Buy that lip gloss you’ve been eyeing forever after finishing your exams or treat yourself to a spa day after acing that report. Give yourself the credit you deserve.


5. Get involved

Get yourself out there, Candy girl. Take this as your preparation for when you finally go out in the world. There are a lot of groups open for students focused in letting you develop skills that will come handy in the future. They are also great opportunities to widen your social network! 


One program you can try is the Synergy Training Program of the Phillipine Junior Marketing Association community. The program lets marketing students serve as apprentices to the present National Executive Board 2016-2017 where they can hone their passion in serving, leading, and making connections with like-minded individuals. Students who will participate can even get a chance to be trained and be part of the 2017 board.

Check out PJMA at their Facebook page, FB.com/philippinejuniormarketingassociation or e-mail their Research and Development team at pjma.jkbsantiago@gmail.com or pjma.krmcastor@gmail.com.


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