5 Ways to Save Up for Your Next Barkada Trip

Here's how you can have your own sisterhood of the travelling pants.
by Isabela Secillano   |  Nov 9, 2015
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When the squad is always up for an adventure but you have no savings, it get a little sad to just end up at home, forever cyber-bonding with your besties. But eventually social media gets boring, and your need for a barkada trip will come calling and aventure and bonding doesn’t have to be unattainable. You and the crew could totally pile up some cash to fund a fun-filled trip! It may take some time and a whole lot of patience but surely, the memories will make it worthwhile. So read up on these ways to save up for your next barkada trip

 1  Stack your money in a barkada money jar.

Every week, each member of the barkada should contribute a certain amount of money and pile everything up in a barkada money jar. This will make it easier for money to multiply since everyone is involved!

 2  Assign a treasurer in the barkada


Yep, just like what the ones you had in your high school class. Appointing someone who will collect the money and keep the money jar will make the saving up situation more organized. Make sure the person appointed will guard the money jar with their life!

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 3  Bring packed lunch. 

Instead of buying food from school, why not just start bringing baon from home? Totes free of charge and your mom’s cooking will always be on point.

 4  Hold a garage sale with your friends. 

You may think that you don’t really have a lot to sell, but with the help of your friends, you’ll surely have enough to set up a garage sale. Use the money you’ve earned from the garage sale and #BarkadaTrip2015 here you come.

 5  Cut down on after school hangouts at the mall.

This may sound boring (and quite impossible) to you, but let’s face it, daily trips to the mall will cost you. You and your friends can simply hang out at home, maybe watch movies, or gush over your crushes. It won’t cost you anything and you still get to bond with your besties.


How do you save up for your trips? Share your tips with other Candy Girls in the comments down below or join the conversation on Twitter @candymagdotcom.

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