5 Ways to Not Go Broke on Christmas Day

by Isabela Secillano   |  Nov 18, 2015
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You know the holidays are ringing in once you've heard Christmas songs on repeat the moment you enter the mall or when you've seen your neighbors have their Christmas decor on display. It's the most wonderful time of the year they say, but Christmas time can get costly for us who generously spread joy to our loved ones. Don't let Christmas be a time to secretly frown at the emptiness of your pockets. The art of giving also lies in the art of saving. Read up on these tips on how you can save some moolah for Christmas shopping!

 1  Start NOW.

Christmas is a month away so there is no better time to save up than NOW. If you've been saving up beforehand, good for you. The earlier you start, the more money you get to save.

 2  Make a list.

A list of all the people that you're giving gifts to, and what to give them. It helps that you know the number of people you'll give gifts to because this also helps you estimate how much money you'll need for shopping.


 3  Set a budget.

Now is not the time to be a shopaholic. Decide on a budget for your Christmas shopping because this will prevent from going overboard. Christmas gifts need not to be lavish, it's the thought that will count.

 4  Shop early.

It is a proven fact that the nearer Christmas is, the more expensive the items get. If you get to save up as early as now, might as well hit the mall now too. This will prevent impulsive purchases of overpriced gifts.

 5  Take advantage of Chrismas sales.

In case you didn't manage to save up that much, you can always turn to the saving grace of Christmas sales. Theres bound to be one in every malland all you have to do is hunt for the best deals.

 6  Turn to DIY.

One word: Pinterest. In the event that you barely got to save up for Christmas shopping, this is the perfect time to activate your creativity. You'll be surprised at how amazing a DIY present can turn out. It's unique and fairly cheap. Plus, I it can be very heartwarming to give something you worked hard to make. 

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