5 Ways To Have The Best Prom Ever

by Ces Tan   |  Feb 19, 2015
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Every girl dreams of the perfect prom—perfect setting, perfect lights, perfect first slow dance with the perfect date. We know you've been dreaming about this day for a long time, and you'd definitely want this night to be an amazingly unforgettable one—something you can look back at years from now as one of the best of your teenage life! So we're here to share with you 5 tips so that you can have exactly what you've always wanted!

 1  Bring someone you like.

Nothing will ruin your prom more than if you go with a date that you didn't want to bring in the first place. You'll regret it if you brought that jerk who doesn't want to dance with you, hogs all the food, and spends the night chatting up other girls. Don't feel pressured to bring a date just because everyone else will, because your parents forced you to take your cousin, or for any reason at all! Your prom is your night. Bring the guy you've been thinking of asking out since June, bring your best guy friend because you know you'll have a great time with him, or just go stag and party with your girl friends! You'll be spending majority of the night with this guy, so you should enjoy his company!

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 2  Don't let anyone else choose what you'll wear.

You should be comfortable during your prom, in a dress that you chose yourself! It's great to get a second opinion from your sister or BFF when choosing a dress, but ultimately it should be your final say! You might spend thousands of pesos on their dress and shoes, but if it's something you're not fully convinced you like, don't buy it! Choose a dress that you'll be happy wearing—you'll feel more confident and when you look back at all the photos, your #OOTN will also be something unforgettable for you. Same goes with your hair or makeup! The stylist at the salon can suggest to you a million things, but make sure you agree to it cause you’ll feel bad the rest of the night if you don’t like how you look or feel!


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 3  Prepare early.

If you're thinking, "Oh, it's only a week away, I'm sure the guy I ask will be willing even if I ask him the day before!" and on the night itself you say to yourself: "I can prepare an hour before, no problem!" You're wrong. Don't just wing it on the days leading up to your prom; you should be ready! Make all your transportation plans, make sure you've at least tried on your dress already and booked the salon days before, start on hair and makeup at least 2 to 3 hours before you leave, make sure you've bought your boutonniere, and of course make sure you're not late to the prom! You wouldn't want the burden of being stressed out or end up panicking on that night, so plan everything out in advance. You'll be glad you did when everything plays out perfectly during the event itself.

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 4  Don't compare yourself with others.

Prom is supposed to be something you enjoy. You enjoy the company of your date and friends, you enjoy the food, the music, the program. To ensure that your mind is clear of negativity and that you really have a good time, you shouldn’t compare yourself with your friends on the night itself. "Her dress is nicer than mine," "She has better hair," "Her date is cuter than my date"— the moment you feel that little green-eyed monster coming out, stop yourself. Compliment your friends on how they look, don't hate on them! You'll definitely have a better time if you don't spend the whole of it focusing on other people. You wouldn't want all your prom memories to be about how much you thought that girl was prettier than you, which of course isn't true!

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 5  Socialize.

Lastly, to have an unforgettable prom, you should mingle! Don't spend the whole time on your phone, rather, talk to your tablemates! Introduce them to your date and enjoy their company. While everyone's getting up and dancing, don't just go back to the buffet table, join them! Talk to your date during dinner and invite him to take that slow dance with you after the program. What use would it be if you brought the perfect guy, wore the most beautiful dress, and spent the whole day getting ready just to keep to yourself the whole night? Have good food, good conversation, and dance the night away. For sure you'll remember how fun and exciting prom was if you actually spent the time enjoying yourself!

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 Always remember that having an unforgettable prom is a choice you make for yourself. Fight the bad vibes on that night and, just let loose, smile and enjoy! Have a great prom Candy Girl, we hope it'll be the best one ever!

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