5 Valuable Bar Review Tips From Lawyers

Including tips from 2019 Bar topnotcher Atty. Mae Diane Azores.
by The Candy Staff   |  Dec 27, 2020
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Aspiring lawyers work hard and give their all for the Philippine Bar Examination, passing which marks the start of their journey as full-fledged lawyers. The bar examination for lawyers in the Philippines is considered as one of the hardest to pass, but with the right mindset and proper preparation, your name can be among the exam passers.

Atty. Ma. Bernadette Basilonia, who owns a YouTube channel, invited her good friend and 2019 Bar Exam topnotcher Atty. Mae Diane Azores to share some tips that got her through bar review. Read on to learn more:

Establish your foundation of the law.

According to Atty. Azores and Atty. Basilonia, try to start and stick with codals first for starters and don't jump straight to the reviewers. Otherwise, you'll feel lost, according to Atty. Azores. Make sure you have the basics down pat and work your way up.

Be as comprehensive as you can.

According to Atty. Azores, she tried to make her scope as comprehensive as possible and tried to find the connections between one subject to another.


Stick to a schedule.

Organization is key and sticking to a schedule will make your life easier. For Atty. Azores, each day she has a designated subject or topic to review which she marked in her calendar. Making the most out of your day by waking up early is also helpful, but you also have to make sure to get enough sleep. 

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Prepare yourself emotionally.

Aside from studying and reviewing your materials rigorously, you also have to prepare yourself emotionally. Reconnect with your friends from time to time and don't isolate yourself. Your mental health, and even your physical health are also important, Atty. Azores and Atty. Basilonia says.

Know your purpose.

It's not just about passing the Bar, but how you apply everything you've learned to be a good lawyer and be of help to others. "Studying law is not limited to preparing for the Bar," Atty. Azores remarks.


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