5 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

You might want to cancel those dinner reservations now.
by Isabela Secillano   |  Feb 13, 2016
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Candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant? For Valentine's day? Ground-breaking. Just like thinking that floral for spring is a fresh idea, you might need to step up your creativity for hearts day my friend. Valentine's day is just around the corner and your beau is probably stressing out right now on how to give you the best date ever. Many of us would want to steer away from traditional dinner dates by now because there are so many unique ways to spend Valentine's day TBH. Don't be afraid to go crazy and do something different. You might end up discovering something interesting about each other along the way. Here are some unique date ideas for Valentine's day.

  1. Go on a P100 date.

    Sounds challenging, right? Nowadays, it seems nearly impossible to survive with just 100 pesos in your wallet. But honestly, the finest things a life don’t have to cost a fortune. Commute, explore the wonders of Pinoy street food, visit parks with free entrance, etc. JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH and you might be surprised how far your 100 pesos will take you.

  2. Do something extreme together.

    Hike, surf, skydive, the list goes on... If you and your guy are feeling a bit adventurous, go ahead and try an extreme sport together. Isn’t it so uniquely romantic to conquer a fear together? Take your relationship goals to a whole new level this Valentine's day.

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  3. Watch a movie outdoors.

    Movies? Cliché. But watching it outside under the night sky is a cute twist. Laidback yet particularly sweet and relaxing. So bust out those picnic mats and hop on a roadtrip with bae to Nuvali because this is one date that will surely be one for the books!

  4. 3 words: hot air balloon.

    ICYMI, the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is happening this Valentine's weekend! Watch colorful hot air balloons float up high, perhaps while enjoying an ice cream with your cute date? Seems to me that you should be booking those tickets now!

  5. Get crafty!

    Drag bae to an art workshop and bond over your little painting sesh. At the end of the workshop, you can gift each other with the painting that you made! You can also try going to DIY workshops and just get crafty on Vday. Learning a new skill together is the best bonding time you could ever ask for.
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